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Posted on June 6 at 8:13 p.m.

I would like for everyone to think about what they would do if something in their life wasn't working....wouldn't you change it? If you don't like the food at a restaurant some would return it...right?

Well, Harding has had some difficult years and I commend Ms. Kingston for being a visionary! She is trying to make a necessary change and unfortunately change is difficult. Some teachers believe that they are doing everything right....and, some are,,,however, I have often seen many teachers who take the easy road. For those teachers who are hiding behind an article, "shame on you!"

I would be honored to work at a school that is changing to IB. It's an amazing endeavor. Good luck to all the teachers who are going to climb the mountain together. May your challenges be rewarded! Be thankful that you have a principal who is willing to make the necessary changes.

Children come first!!!!!!!!!!

On Mission Impossible?

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