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Posted on November 25 at 2:27 p.m.

Hmmm...I think the undersheriff was probably complicit in having an affair, but GEEZ people nobody sees the VOLUNTEER unpaid SAR Watson as complicit too? She was worried about her "job" really? According to the website, it's volunteer and unpaid. People keep saying that she feared for her job? Go somewhere else and volunteer. Puhleeze, she couldn't say anything for fear that'd she lose her unpaid volunteer position? How many times did she meet him and her boyfriend was in the department too and she never said anything to him? I'm usually understanding of a defenseless woman, but something stinks here. I'm sure new things are going to come out. I smell a rat. It's not the days of Anita Hill anymore. There are checks and balances to these things...oh I'm scared of him so I'm going to go drink in a parking lot with him and I'm really scared so I'm going to go all the way to L.A. and go see a play with him??? It takes two to tango. Seems like she wants a payout since she doesn't seem to have any paid position anywhere....

On Undersheriff Jim Peterson Retired Amid 'Sexting' Scandal

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