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Location: Arts in Carpinteria

Biography: Carrie Reynolds- Artist’s Statement

Collage and Assemblage are two mediums in which I have recently adapted my style to, as well. I love recycling and using and reusing scraps, found objects and other materials. Translating this into art is an extension of my dedication to reduce my footprint. Every piece that I use in my assemblage and collage pieces, has a small bit of history that conveys a larger meaning when the piece is complete. Working in this way allows me to continuously be inspired for future work.

Currently, I am working on a conceptual installation piece called “Tired” using recycled tire treads, wood, paint and fur. The complete work will convey a truth about the highway of life and how we tread on our freeways of existence. Documentation of the making of the project will also be used in the final experience.

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