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Posted on June 13 at 1:39 p.m.

I got one of the fliers from the red-shirts. These people are bitter about losing their children, and they are taking it out on others, rather than looking inward - must be too painful. Easier to take all of that energy, and deny others the safe use of cannabis, because they lost child due to narcotics and alcohol?? Absurd.
We, as a community/society, have to "obey" their demands?
NO. NO. NO we don't.
I watched my brother writhing in pain, unable to keep food down. He died a slow, painful, agonizing death from the AIDS virus 25 years ago. Marijuana gave him COMFORT. He was able to keep food down, and get some nutrition into his body. Marijuana gave him an appetite, and eased his physical and emotional pain. I hope you did not deny your loved ones relief from pain, or love and compassion.
And you red-shirts have the gall to make demands about the comfort of others in situations that you cannot imagine?? Who in the world do you think you are? The only ones who have loss? You couldn't control the behavior and ultimate death of your loved ones, so you are going to try to control others, for a substance that was NOT responsible for your loss?

You insult me, the memory of MY dead, beloved brother!
And anyone else who is ill, suffering, living in constant pain, or who choose, as ADULTS to use marijuana for relaxation, just as you might enjoy a glass of wine, or a beer.

I am tired of paying the price for your loss.
Do you feel that your sorrow trumps that of others?
RedShirts, please put all of this energy into your own healing. Or something positive, like working with children, instead of holding us responsible for your losses due to narcotics and alcohol.
We ALL share the pain at the death of our loved ones.
But for you to send these hateful, untrue attack messages is just revealing your uneducated/uninformed desperation to make sense of your tragic loss.
Don't take it out on the adults of Santa Barbara. Stay out of our business. We did not cause your pain. Nor did marijuana. And you know that.

~Jane Copelan

On Mayor Pushes Dueling Pot Initiatives

Posted on June 9 at 1:29 p.m.

I couldn't agree more.

I have asked Assembly Member, Pedro Nava just how many "dispensaries" are in SB that sell alcohol and cigarettes. Unfortunately, he has never responded to my letters, emails, or phone calls in over 2 months. I was told that he had more important issues. In that case, he should have stayed out of this topic altogether!

I think it is only fair, when we are looking at a map of SB, to point out ALL of the places that sell dangerous, potentially deadly substances...and their proximity to schools, and recovery centers.

Let's see it ALL: groceries, pharmacies, bars, gas stations, mini markets, deli's, restaurants that sell alcohol on this map of SB....
Let's be informed. Let's take a look at the numbers....what is the ratio of places that sell alcohol, to the number of marijuana dispensaries....
So far my quest for this information is "unavailable"....

If we are going to "take inventory", then let's make it fair and realistic....SHOW US THE NUMBERS!

There is no screening or prescription necessary for a child or an adult, to enter an establishment that sells liquor and cigarettes. Yet alcohol and cigarettes are responsible for so many deaths....hmmmm.

As for children....maybe the parents should take a greater role in the lives of their kids, instead of "demanding"that marijuana should be banned for the rest of us.

People die of drug and alcohol overdoses. Not from marijuana.

I would appreciate if those who are against dispensaries, would stick to the facts, instead of trying to garner sympathy for deaths of their loved ones from drug and alcohol abuse. Perhaps their focus and energy would be more useful in putting together a parenting program....rather than to bicker over marijuana, and it's availability to adults.

Marijuana needs to be rescheduled. Now.

The argument that it is not legal is weakening....not all "laws" are right, appropriate or moral. Some need to be changed...
It used to be LEGAL to own slaves, beat your wife, and various other heinous things.
As a progressive society, we need to move forward and beyond this belief that it is fine to advertise and glorify the use of alcohol, but then make marijuana the "bad guy".

Shaking my head at the hypocrisy of it all...

~Jane Copelan

On Tax and Regulate

Posted on June 4 at 6:08 p.m.

Not all people who experiment with mind/body altering substances become addicts. Marijuana has not killed anyone.
Perhaps these parents who feel so threatened need to take a closer look at what part they play in the upbringing of their children?
This issue is about making marijuana available to adults through dispensaries.
Lot's of blame being placed on cannabis. Maybe easier than looking at the possible dynamics that exist in the home...

On Indecision Strikes Again

Posted on May 22 at 12:06 p.m.

How funny.

WE are so happy that you moved to Albuquerque...yet how sad for New Mexico.
Perhaps a compound in Arizona would be more your style.

On Armed Populace

Posted on May 22 at 11:58 a.m.

Thank you.

On Lunatic Drug Warriors

Posted on May 22 at 11:56 a.m.

I signed up for a reading. You must pay up-front on-line without even speaking to her....
I went in with an open mind...
UNDERWHELMED was the feeling that I was left with. And paid a high price as well.

She is great at marketing herself, but I am surprised that the Independent endorses her.

She said that my Labrador "wished that he lived by the beach"...really? What Labrador doesn't??!!

The things I asked her to help me with...behavioral; jumping up on people at the front door..., she said asked the dog in a tiny voice, not to do that anymore.

He still jumps at the door!!!!

A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY, no matter how much you want to communicate to your animals...YOU can do that. She cannot.

On Diary of a Pet Psychic

Posted on May 20 at 2:19 p.m.

I was there. Outside City Hall, wearing a green shirt to support medical marijuana. I support the legalization of marijuana for all adults.
In my observation, there were more bodies there that support marijuana, than those in "red shirts". What was missing, were the hundreds/thousands (?) of us that support the use of cannabis.
Sadly, the majority of us, would put themselves out there for scrutiny, judgment, and possible loss of their jobs.
So, "our side" was vastly under-represented.
I am very sorry for those who lost loved ones due to drug overdoses. Poor choices, with narcotics and alcohol were responsible for their untimely deaths. They were the means to a tragic end for those of my friends who chose a similar path.
Marijuana had nothing to do with their deaths. We are left without our loved ones, due to self-destructive natures, poor choices and perhaps heredity. Those untimely deaths left me wounded and angry.
But this case, the anger is misdirected. Marijuana did not kill our loved ones, or make them choose that lifestyle. Period.
Those in the "redshirts" (as do I), have heartwarming, tragic stories of the losses of our most loved ones.

Marijuana is not the culprit in those deaths, and it is unfair to place these 2 topics; dispensaries, and drug overdoses in the same forum.

As I read the proposed ban...what is the issue with dispensaries being forced to close on Sunday? I can only imagine that this comes from outdated provincial attitudes. Religious reasons?
Separation of church and state? Anyone?
As for it being illegal....just because it is legal, does not necessarily make it moral. Or right.
It used to be legal to own slaves, beat your wife, and many other unfair, unjust, despicable laws that needed to be changed.
We are a progressive society. Let's behave like one.
Banning marijuana will not bring my friends back. Marijuana was the LEAST of their problems that lead to these untimely deaths.
~Jane Gail Copelan

On 20th Time’s the Charm

Posted on May 17 at 11:03 a.m.

You are taking this "lollipop" incident, and making an argument against marijuana. Dispensaries, or not, youth have access to alcohol, cigarettes, harmful spray cans, etc.
Usually in their own homes!
Marijuana has been around a LONG time. People have found a way to obtain it. They always will.
Either legally, start organizing, taxing, as they did after prohibition, and help pay off our debts. Or pour monies that we don't have into fear tactics?
Prohibition brought a criminal element in the way of gangsters, violence, murders, etc. IT DOESN'T WORK.
Alcohol is far more harmful than marijuana. FACT.
Do you not see the parallel? Gang violence? Black Market? Just like prohibition. NO different, except it's 100 years later, and our population has grown...more gangs, violence, turf wars over a weed!
Is this borne out of fear? Ignorance? Puritanism?
This argument is ridiculous.
Let the rest of us, who want to be law-abiding, have our marijuana, just like the parents of those children enjoy their beer/pot/and who knows what else goes on behind closed doors!!!
Marijuana is not the problem.

On Fighting Back Comes out Swinging

Posted on May 14 at 10:03 a.m.

I am interested in how many businesses sell alcohol and cigarettes in Santa Barbara,
and their proximity to the community, schools and dependency treatment centers?
Has "attention been paid to location" for alcohol and cigarette distribution or availablity?

As a youth, cigarettes and alcohol were the "gateway" drugs. I have lost family and friends
to alcoholism. Over my 50 years, having friends who smoke marijuana on a regular basis,
none of them have ever been abusive, or out of control.

Marijuana was a Godsend to my brother, who I lost to the AIDS virus. It gave him
and others like him the ability to eat, and hold food down. Many people in chronic pain,
riddled with cancer, MS, PTSD etc. have benefitted from this weed.

Others use Marijuana for relaxation, recreation. Just like an alcoholic cocktail.

I think that it would be appropriate to regulate the sale of alcohol; how many "shops"
per square mile, or whatever your formulae were to decide how many dispensaries are
allowed in Santa Barbara.

I sincerely would appreciate information on just how many bars, liquor stores, restaurants,
grocery stores, neighborhood markets serve alcohol within SB county.

Take the crime out of something that is innocuous in comparison to alcohol and cigarettes.

As far as those "in recovery", they are on their own, passing by groceries, and liquor stores.

As far as our children are concerned, many can find alcohol, cigarettes, and prescription
drugs in the family medicine cabinet.
I don't believe that ANYone wants anyone giving drugs or alcohol to our youth. That is
a separate issue.

All this sounds very hippocritical. Marijuana getting the bad reputation, but "cheers" to
that afterwork cocktail. In this day and age, with all of the science to back it up....alcohol
kills people, yet I hear nothing of putting that under control.

How much domestic violence have people endured at the hand of a drunk? I, for one have,
and have little tolerance for "drunk" people.

The numbers are in, but the focus is on marijuana? Alcohol is responsible
for so much violence, which is a huge problem today, yet I hear nothing of trying to take away
anyone's liquor, which has proven to cause much more trouble on so many levels.

Jane Copelan

On Pot Wars Heat Up, Again

Posted on May 6 at 12:31 p.m.

I wrote this letter as a response to Assemblyman Pedro Nava's March/April Enews email that I received.

This letter was sent to him on April 1st, 2010. Still waiting on a response from Nava.....

On Alcohol Versus Pot

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