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Posted on May 11 at 8:42 a.m.


For a complete list of companies and depts. I 'd go to Google. Their list is extensive but random.

Perhaps a more direct approach would be to contact the Board of Supervisors, City Council and their respective Clerks. Also try Calfire and the Red Cross.

With our Mutual Aid program we get fire crews from all over. A complete list of volunteers including anonymous residents and pet-abodes is probably impossible to compile.

Would you kindly share your results with us ?

Be Blessed
Carlos in Lakewood

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Posted on May 10 at 12:42 p.m.

In trying to make suggestions for proactive actions
I had mentioned roof pulsating sprinklers.
My neighbor uses copper rather than galvanized.

Also, if you have a pool, you may consider a HD water pump attached to a fire hose. Average pool could hold 20 to 50 thousand gallons of water. A gas-powered generator keeps the juice flowing if the lights go out.

There may an insurance credit by purchasing these
items. But don't be a dead hero, PLEASE.

As always, good luck,
Carlos in Lakewood

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Posted on May 10 at 9:05 a.m.

Good day to all my former community members.

Today will be better than yesterday though if you are returning to your house there maybe heartbreak. I'm sorry.

Does anyone know if 100 ft clearance around your home is mandatory or recommended ? Where I live it is 150 ft.

Does anyone know what the time-frame is for new-growth to become prime ?

Are Spanish roof tiles fire-resistent or fire proof ?
Will brick sides and small windows be helpful ?

Where I live we have many homes with pulsating sprinklers on the roofs. Is this allowed in SB county ?
This is very, very easy to install. Using PVC may be counterproductive as it melts at low temperatures.
I'd use galvanized or other metal pipe.

Just some ideas on being proactive.

Best wishes to all.

Carlos in Lakewood

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Posted on May 9 at 9:40 p.m.

I am extremely happy that your situation seems to be improving. Hoping you all rest easier tonight.

A final thought to montecitomama. Had I been one of those two useless policemen I would have taken your
GPS coordinates and called in an airstrike er, water drop on you only to see you drilled into the ground up
to your Walmart hoop earings. You would then be subjected for eternity to your yapping pink-haired
ankle-biting poodles.

To the rest of you, god bless...

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Posted on May 9 at 12:13 p.m.

Adding to the above.

To ALL residents. Next time you see any support personnel BUY them a meal. Insist. Say thank you.

Thanks alot and bless almost all of you, see above post.

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Posted on May 9 at 12:09 p.m.

Comments on some of the above thoughts.

To eve. I am so proud of your being able to think
of others, providing free drinks and nutrition to all
'firefighters' nearby. The reward in giving is not the 'thank you' but that warm fuzzy feeling...
Carry this trait with you in life and kharma will ensue.
Surround yourself with like-minded people and you will experience a soul-saving term known as 'Semper Fi',always faithful, no if's and's or but's. I like to think that it saved my life many times during a war in the 60's. You are blessed as are those that raised you.
Thank You.

To the establishments offering free water and coffee
but charging for other items. You won't go broke by revising your policy. How about a 'kitty' on your counter appropriately marked 'for the support of ALL our friends fighting and supporting these men and women' ? Better yet, go one better on your 'self'-advertisement. FREE goes a long way. Oh and consider this, because it does happen. Assume you are out of communication with your kids or other loved ones. Their house is on fire and a policeman is driving by and rescues them and takes them to a shelter ?
You will never know who was the rescuer but that is ok because you will be offering 50 cent chi-chis.

To the chicken ranch people. How can you sleep?
How embarrasing for anyone not a firefighter to drive
to your door and being told that they must pay.
Your attitude belongs in Los Angeles. Tell me, how often do chickens breed ? Next time you need a 'cop' , oh never mind.

And finally to montecitomama. Sounds to me like you and the Sheriff's put out your fire. Did you know that embers can travel miles and miles and are not tracked by radar. I've seen you at the supermarket 10 item checkout lane, cash only, with 11 items and writing a check. Lady, you truly are an embarrasment.
You belong on Los Angeles freeway's or in the Hamptons. Next time you need a 'cop', oh never mind.
A belated apology from me to you. Some 40 years ago while hiking in the hills above Montecito
I urinated on some chaparral.

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Posted on May 9 at 9:34 a.m.

I lived in IV and Goleta for many years in the 60's and 70's and had the beautiful and exciting experiences of packing and hiking much of the area above and below the San Marcos Pass.

I remember watching P-3 water tankers making retardant drops and recall my sadness. That sadness has returned.

Much has been made of the DC-10 drops and no doubt they have been very effective-a melding of technology and the soul of Santa Barbara.

The DC-10 drops about 10 to 12 thousand gallons at a time or I believe in spots. Amazingly a company called Evergreen has converted several B-747 into Supertankers which can drop up to about 25 thousand gallons all at once or in spots.

Why these are not used could be the terrain but I've also read that these 747's were reconverted to haul
cargo to Iraq, a more profitable endeavor as long as your homes are not burning. Google or Youtube Evergreen 747 Supertanker and you will see this gem in action..
Imagine what the Indians did...

I extend to all residents my sorrow, empathy and prayers. My memories of your people and environment
I miss to this day. I hope all the homeless made it out ok.

Carlos in Lakewood

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Posted on May 8 at 8:36 a.m.

It is shameful that there are not more air resources.

We have all seen DC-10's in operation but there are
B 747's run by Evergreen. If you check it on google/images or You Tube the first word out of your mouth is 'holy...'.

God bless you all,
Carlos in Lakewood, IV in the 70's

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