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Posted on January 17 at 3:25 p.m.

What a cross Nick and Nick's family must bear... y'think? I don't think so...

Our cross to bear is a choice! Nick obviously didn't choose this cross-- nor did his family. None of us would--let alone choose it for our loved ones. There is a very real battle of Good and evil on this earth and it's my belief that Nick unjustly got caught in the middle of that battle. Thus not his choice...not his cross. It's ours. Ours to bear because we get to choose it. Like those who opted to help Christ carry His cross, if even for a little while, until the next one pitched in...or so the story goes.

Nick needs about $157,000 to get into the Center for Neuro Skills in Bakersfield. This pays 3 months of treatment. The family needs only $40,000 to get Nick's foot in the door for one month and it gives the family time to raise more money to cover the balance. Two donations of $1,000 have already been made. To date the family have in the bank $4,000 dedicated to "Nick's foot in the door". Only 36 more people are needed to give $1,000 each or...72 people to give $500 or 3,600 people to give $10 each or 1 person to give $36,000 or...

Our cross to bear?...all anyone really needs to bear is a pen to the checkbook and Nick will gratefully do the rest. Will you please choose to get Nick's foot in the right door asap? Thank you all dearly.

Friend of family for 30years

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