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Posted on September 13 at 10:27 a.m.

Pueblo means people; black, white, orange yellow. Humans!

Should I find the websites that talk about how the europeans gave the indigenous people blankets full of smallpox? Or how the spanish trief to eliminate a culture after they conqured by burning all documents and building on top of temples (tenochtitlan)?

Have u seen that state farm commercial where the lady has a date with a french model she met on the internet?

It is easy to say how a gi will not affect non-latino people. You have not grown up harassed by pd. Walk in our shoes. If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem. Ive been working all my life for social justice in sb andwriting some words on a website does nothing!

On Goleta Abandons Gang Task Force

Posted on September 13 at 1:57 a.m.

If the problem is a handful of these individuals why injunct the whole city? Property values diminish in these areas. The waterfront? Theres probation, parole etc already in place. What happens when gi in place and the police then have a right to harass anybody they think is on the list. Hey they all have brown skin, wear baggy clothes, bald head. They will have a right yo stop anybody. Hows that going to work? Do u have faith in sbpd, i dont! They just shot a guy 5 times that was carrying a knife. Anywhere theres a gang injunction police brutality rates increase and the problem gets worst. Good example is oxnard. Look how many unjustified murders from the police.
A warzone against our youth.

My statistics come from SB county jail. We had a forum about secure communities with tje sherrif. NOT the internet! Do u think undocumented people want to work 3 jobs? Wrong! They would rather be in their hometown. NAFTA took their jobs! The US supplies the cartels all those fancy weapons and $ for war on their own people. Where do u think all the drugs go? Yup good ole USA! The point is that this system is not created for people to live in harmony with each other or our earth. It is created to make money. People have lived in harmony on these lands thousands of years before the colonization. There were no borders. No pollution. Turtle Island.

So, my question is....are you part of the solution or the problem?

On Goleta Abandons Gang Task Force

Posted on September 12 at 5:41 p.m.

Whatsinsb, obviously you are not aware that some parents work two or three jobs, dont speak the language or afraid to leave their homes because they are scared of the system. Many crimes dont get reported because of this fear. Santa Barbara has the highest rate of low level offender deportations in the state. Imagine that? The gang task force shoulf be eliminated and monies shpuld go to youth programs and education of the real history of the americas. Raise these youth's self-esteem. Do u know what its like to be looked down by teachers, police because of the color of ur skin? I do! When a police car is behind you do you get nervous? I do, not because I've done anything wrong because we are traumatized. I was born and raised in SB and I'm tired of people coming from out of town with their so called solutions. I'm not saying all police are bad, I know many that I grew up with that are good prople and care about their community but there are bad seeds just like there are bad so called gang members. Do u think because of 10 bad people the city should spend a million dollars to propose a gang injunction that names all latinos? Imagine the racial profiling and harrasement on our kids? Whats that gonna do to our kids' self-esteem? My email is lets work together to solve these problems. This is not LA, we dont need their so called solutions. SB is a magical place and we all deserve to live in harmony.

On Goleta Abandons Gang Task Force

Posted on September 12 at 12:48 p.m.

Good job Roger! Means a lot coming from an ex police officer. This gang task force which denies any responsibility for the proposed gang injunction and wont even discuss it has wasted a lot of money from the beginning! Give the money to the programs that work with the kids and i dont mean pal. Who wants to send their kids to the people who are harrassing, attacking and deporting our community. Marcelo is a pendejo and a vendido! Salud, I love u but its time to step it up gordo! YA BASTA! EL PUEBLO UNIDO JAMAS SERA VENCIDO! You keep referring to our kids, our future as a gang problem? Step up people and spend some time with these kids, all they need is some guidance! Stop the gang injunction! Stop police brutality! Stop racial profiling! There will be a vigil this Sunday for a victim killed by killer cops on our streets. Will you be there or be complaining on your couch watching tv?

Cesar J Trujillo

On Goleta Abandons Gang Task Force

Posted on July 19 at 9:34 p.m.

there will be a public informational forum on the gang injunction held august 16th sponsored by the neighborhood advisory council.

On Dazed Dogs of Summer

Posted on May 10 at 12:22 a.m.

what a waste of time and money, when these flashers go up they will back up traffic and cause more accidents. milpas will go from 4 lanes to 2 lanes for 3 blocks and a bike lane added. im sure the bicyclists will find a teleport after those blocks and how much more money will be spent to change everything back and finally put signal lights like the community has been asking for let's remember this when it's time for RE-ELECTION!

On Flashing Lights and Restriping for Milpas Street

Posted on March 8 at 10:33 a.m.

bohnett park and the ws boys and girls club area have been unfairly labeled by our community! i see nothing but beautiful kids and families working together. my two daughters go the club and participate in sb elite. they are taught discipline and to work for themselves. i see magda and other staff working directly with kids that lack attention, raising self-esteems. you should go for yourselves and see and volunteer. we need to take ownership of our children, it takes a community to raise our children. the club itself has many programs for youth as well as parents. unity in the community!!!!

On Westside Boys & Girls Club Fights to Keep Lights On

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