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Posted on May 30 at 3:35 p.m.

Why Elliot Roger parents with financial means and nowledge ...weeks before the incident... that their son was a danger to himself and others...on video...did not take action with the courts to make sure he got the help he needed. Are we to believe that they did not have attorney's and knowledge of the conservatorship alternatives in California that were available?

On Could We Prevent the Isla Vista Shooting?

Posted on April 27 at 5:31 p.m.

I lay the blame for ADMHS being in so much turmoil squarely on the County Board of Supervisors. The reason that the county was find so much for illegal billing was because years ago when the Sups high a director they put pressure on him to come up with ways to save the county dollars. So the director come up with some creative and, apparently illegal, ways of billing Med-cal. The county got away with ripping off the state for years but eventually the state figured it out and the scam came home to rust with the state withheld the 3. Something millions. By the way the state did finally forgive SB County for the debit. But the department has been crises drive every since.

An example of how bad things are at ADMHS is the how the Clifford Detty was handheld.

What Nick Welsh has never reported is that Clifford was a substance abuser and had a lot of meth amphetamines in him when he was admitted to the PUFF. He should have never been in the PUFF in the condition he was in. Dlifford should have been taken to a toxic affection center. Where they would know not to use mechanical restarts on anyone high on meth amphetamines. Until recently a person could not be diagnosed with a mental Illness if they where a substance abuser. But now substance abuse is being treated as a MH diagnoses. Richard Detty is correct that his son should never had been administered anti-psychotic meads while he was on meth amphetamines. The staff at the PUFF are not trained to deal with real issues. Instead they are trained in the 3 ate’s, evaluate, medicate and evacuate. The staff was trained only to find Schizophrenic symptoms, with blinders on that is what they found and treated Clifford for instead of substance abuse. If the county would only take MH more serially ADMHS would not be so topsie-trerby.

On County Psych Facility Needs More Beds

Posted on April 27 at 3:37 p.m.

It is high time that freethinking skeptical individuals were given the human right to not live in fear of ever being forced into this reductionistic paradigm of quackery psychiatry reserves the right to force on all citizens by force of law. Since when is psychiatry the monopoly our pain, when did it earn the 'naming rights' as Deedrea and Family ACT so adamant in this article?

On County Psych Facility Needs More Beds

Posted on October 30 at 6:04 p.m.

It would be a blessing to those that are chronically residentially challenged if only the new super agency could actually cut red tape nested of just adding another layer of bureaucracy onto of existing bureaucracy.

Most homes are investable to the general public and do not fit the stereotypical, drunken bum, image. That is so often the only homeless that get social programs. Most people want to help elevate the suffering of the homeless amongst us. However the reality is that it is the homeless that are not so enviable get all the attention and support services. Cases in point were the national survey two years ago. It was full of good intentions and was conducted by well intending people that shared the information with cities and counties. In Goleta the survey inspired the city too aggressively go after the homeless that were surveyed chasing them off their encampments where they were living peacefully on privet property out of the public view. To add salt to the wounds the deputy sheriff claimed it was his full time job to beat the bushes to dislodge homes from Goleta called himself a community service officer. I don’t know what community he thought he was serving all he accomplished was to dislodge the homeless from out of sight location and deposited them on the streets where they became eyesores for the rest of the city. If any one remembers how the city of Santa Barbara responded to those that resorted to sleeping in their cars; They called all the homeless to meetings at the Faukner Gallery on the auspices that they wanted to help them but instead the city put up no overnight perking signs at all the locations the homeless revealed that they where sleeping in their cares at. Yes there was a lot of press about safe parking but what happened is that the safe parking program was cut in half the first year and greatly reduced since then. Mean while all the no-overnight parking sighs are still up. Don’t get me started on the warming centers that serve to keep homeless perpetually homeless.

It is great that the new bureaucracy will have a budget of $300,000. But will there be any accountability? Who will keep tract of the outcome? Let’s see how many chronically homeless they actually find housing for in a years’ time.

On Council Approves Super Agency of Homeless Support

Posted on November 27 at 2:01 p.m.

What did the Independent do with the article on the defeat of Measure S that ran on Nov. 4th?

On Sheriff Bill Brown takes a call from the media on election night as Measure S falls well short of t

Posted on November 9 at 5:57 p.m.

Wasn't it the idea last year to start "warming" center to be open only during unusual cooled or rainy nights so the city would not need to open winter shelters? I remember CAC advocating for warming centers instead of shelters. Where is CAC now? way was CAC not mentioned in the count article? were they payed of by the city?

On Planning Commission Hearing on Shelter Will Be Passionate

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