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Posted on April 18 at 10:19 p.m.

The ghost of the News & Review must be rolling over in it's grave. Where is the story on the potential waste of money, misuse of resources and denial of constitutional right of speech?

On Bees (and Flies) in the Bonnet

Posted on May 9 at 5:10 p.m.

anyone who thinks the ice patch closed for lack of interest wasnt' there themselves for public skating, skating school and disco night and GETIJA and the TAN band nights. I was.

there was plenty of interest at the ice patch, my family and friends skated there many times over the years and we liked the skating we learned to do at the ice patch so much we went to 1000 0aks and onxard to skate since after the ice patch was closed.. the owners of the ice patch should be thanked for providing it to the community as long as they did.

anyone who understands engineering knows it was simply an not an efficient building (planned before the 70s energy crisis) so it was hard to justify from a quant ROI perspective.

I remember that the final owner decided to sell the property for a profit when the commercial real estate market rose significantly and their daughter no longer skated there.

The current non-profit plan looks like it eliminates the possibility that land value will cause the property to be sold for another use - its dedicated to the Girshe park and cant be sold as i understand it, and there also seems to be a significant effort by this non profit volunteer group to build a very efficient well planned facility. Seems like something that will make the town a better place and offers activities for people of all ages, etc.

Also what about Camino Real developers they said they would give this land for the ice rink and they are living up to the promise. How about that, an honest building developer? We should be proud to live in the same town as these people who are trying to do something for as many others as possible.

On Ice Rink Gets Boost

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