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Posted on June 17 at 1:48 p.m.

Is this the guy that whacked a friend of mine (Kiosk worker) in the head, using a sock filled with batteries (or some such)? Happened years ago and completely ruined her life. Her brain will never be the same.

I hope this guy, whether or not it's the same dude, gets just what he deserves, over and over and over again, in prison. Good riddance, creep.

On 28 Years for Parking Kiosk Robber

Posted on May 30 at 11:44 p.m.

A real shame. This guy performed a lot of good works on our behalf, in order to keep open space available to the public. I hope he gets his domestic whatever it is straightened out.

On Michael Feeney Resigns from Land Trust

Posted on May 27 at 11:24 a.m.

Blame? If there are any stones to be cast, they should be cast at Rodger's parents. They knew their son was severely mentally disturbed. They pretended it was okay to send this extremely neurotic boy off to school, to try and cope on his own. At the very least, they should have sent along a "minder" to keep an eye on him. Someone should have been monitoring his behavior.

If you watch his videos, they are all cries for help. Yet his parents deemed him fit for college life, which is stressful for even the most normal of kids. Why send him so far from home? They were paying for his education, right? They could have kept him closer to home, where they could have kept a better eye on him. Instead, they (or his grandparents?) gave him a fancy new car and shipped him off to fend for himself. Egregious.

When they received his emailed manifesto, that was the time for his parents to call UCSB police and the SB County Sheriffs. He said he was going to slaughter sorority girls, for Chrissakes! Instead, they wasted time dialing 911 and then hopped into their vehicle to drive the 90+ minutes up to I.V. to check on their son. Who knows how long it took that 911 call to work its way through channels to our local LE?

It's all too incredible that his parents seemingly saw his threats as potentially empty threats and made the highly regrettable decision to delay in alerting the proper authorities. Authorities who could have checked on Rodger within minutes.

Obviously, Elliot Rodger had already slain his two housemates and their friend. But the parents, acting swiftly and logically, considering their son's state of mental health, may have prevented more murders and injuries from taking place. If only they had alerted immediately UCSB police and SB Sheriffs and relayed that their son was threatening to kill sorority girls and young men. The parents could have prevented the entire horrific killing spree, by monitoring their son more closely. Their son who so obviously wasn't fit to be on his own in the first place.

I lay NO blame on the Sheriffs or Bill Brown. None. Perhaps now such "welfare checks" as were performed on Rodger (over and over) will include the presence of a licensed mental health professional, too, for the mentally ill.

And, yes, I do think the Sheriffs should have asked Rodger if he had any weapons----but do they usually ask that on these "routine" welfare checks? Were the Sheriffs warned of his severe mental illness? And if only one Sheriff had thought to check to see if Rodger had purchased any guns. If, if, if.

He owned the guns legally, by the way. Bought and registered in his name. We need stricter gun control laws-----now.

On UCSB Plans Memorial Service for Tuesday

Posted on May 23 at 11:10 a.m.

@ someguysb. The verb is "pooh-pooh," not as you've written it. "Poo-poo," as we all know, is #2.

Speaking of #2, I prefer my nature without the acrylic coloring. To me it is just another version of graffiti; some putz displaying his ego, saying "Hey! Look at me! I can disfigure nature and you have to look at it, like it or not."


On Lizard’s Mouth Gets Yarnbombed

Posted on May 22 at 11:22 a.m.

This is bad.

On Green Light Given to Drill at Vandenberg

Posted on May 21 at 12:05 p.m.

What about the regular Joes/Josephines that sit in their vehicles, engines idling, so that they can check their texts, keep their AC going and play their car stereos? I bet the driving populace (other than LE) wastes a ton of fuel, out of pure ignorance.

Ann Landers (harking back a while, now) told us an idling engine is polluting. I think she had that in her column back when we still had lights at Hwy 101. Why are so many people still unaware of the fact that an idling engine is extremely polluting? Maybe the Indie's article will help spread the word.

On Have Idling Sheriff Cars Wasted More than $1 Million?

Posted on May 19 at 1:23 p.m.

It's the other "nine or more" that we need to save, too. I don't eat crab meat and haven't in decades. Why can't the crab fishermen be made to put their pots elsewhere or out at times not in conflict with whale migration? But then . . .what about the dolphins?

I have never liked those who rape the ocean to fill their wallets.

On Tangled Whale Saved off Santa Barbara Coast

Posted on May 16 at 1:18 a.m.

This ban makes my heart sing. Long overdue.

On Bag Ban Takes Effect

Posted on May 5 at 1:17 p.m.

I couldn't wait to sign that petition. But I hope the Supes will enact this ban first, as it's not always smart to leave things to the voters. Look what happened with State Water and Saving the Oaks up in Santa Ynez. Voters can be bamboozled so easily.

On Fracking Ban Coming to Santa Barbara?

Posted on April 28 at 2:01 p.m.

Wonderful that The Indie is helping place rescued pets. Good job.

On Adoptable Pet of the Week

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