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Posted on October 10 at 4:23 p.m.

SB Rental Mediation Task Force has provided a significant service to local tenants and property owners. I am a property manager who at time gets stuck between frustrated tenants or landlords. Over the years Mediation Task Force has assisted me on several occaisions. I have found SBRMTF to be knowledgeable about landlord/tenant law and the mediation process. On each occaision, a peaceful settlement was achieved before formal negotiations were required. Both sides got impartial information that ultimately led to sanity rather than throwing stones. I strongly encourage City/County of SB continue this worthy program.

Chris Casebeer

On Budget Cuts Hits Housing Mediation Hard

Posted on September 17 at 3:34 p.m.

A little bit of me died last week when I heard about Rita's passing. My sorrow did not last long. I knew that Rita would have not have condoned my doom. She was a lady who constantly worked to make the world a better place. Up until her last days she still was out there with George making good for those who needed help. From here I salute you my friend and wish that your good works thrive on. Planned Parenthood, Casa de la Raza, the Unitarian Society and a handfull of other fine casues. I will miss seeing you in front of the Art Museum at the Friday noon Peace Vigil, though I will feel your presence each time I walk by.

On Rita Solinas 19312007

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