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Posted on May 5 at 9:31 p.m.

I am so thrilled to see more humanitarian awareness put in the independent. This is exactly what is needed in order for America to wake up and step up. I have an amazing organization that I would like to have you highlight so that maybe we could connect Mr. Mortenson and Jeffrey Sachs as well as Howard Schiffer with them. I believe when all the humanitarians unite then we will see a huge shift on our planet. Too many divided efforts won't create significant change. Now is the time for peace to get created and it is only when we as a people unite that this will occur. The government isn't going to save us. This is the denial the United States has lived under for centuries. We are the government. So if we don't like what is occurring then we must unite and create something different. Thanks again for being brave and telling the truth of what is really important in this time we are in. "Peace is yours if you want it." - John Lennon

On Humanitarian Greg Mortenson and Economist Jeffrey Sachs Chat with Howard Schiffer

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