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Posted on September 24 at 11:20 a.m.

Shame on you, Indy.

First the terrible article, not fact checked in the least. Then printing 2 letters thanking you for publishing the article and ignoring the people like me wrote to you calling out the shoddy journalism involved. I really expected more from you, but I guess I should've expected you'd only run letters praising you after you published such a bad article in the first place.

Seriously, there was no conspiracy, except for the conspiracy committed by 19 hijackers and other terrorists who helped those 19 plan and carry out the airplane strikes.

There is no disagreement among REAL experts as to the cause of the towers' collapses, either. I pointed this out in the other article, but it's worth mentioning again: The AE911 Truth petition has 800 signees, but yet the American Society of Civil Engineers has 114,000 members. ASCE has published numerous real, scientific articles, with REAL evidence, supporting the accepted version of what happened on 9/11 and why the buildings collapsed. So the the society of professional civil engineers with 114,000 members isn't to be trusted, but the 800 people of AE911 Truth are somehow more trustworthy? And the same is true for every respected scientific journal that has ever published an article on the subject. Experts agree that it was no inside job.

You don't look at a single thing published by ASCE, but painstakingly lay out every little point of the AE911 Truth people. You present the article as if there is ANY real disagreement among actual experts, when such disagreement really does not exist.

That's the last straw for me, you'll never catch another Indy in my hand. Indy advertisers, if any of you are reading this, your advertising dollars will never again reach my eyes. Let me know when you decide to actually start reporting factual news again, Indy staff.

On Falling Towers

Posted on September 21 at 10 a.m.

This entire article, along with the claims of Gage et al, are ludicrous. Come on Independent, I once thought of you as a source for good INVESTIGATIVE journalism. Why didn't you at least TRY to fact check half the things these people are telling you? Just come on over to UCSB, and I can show you evidence to disprove dozens of the things these "truthers" are saying. There are dozens of experts on most every college campus in this country that can show you evidence to prove the claims of A&E for 911 Truth are totally misinformed.

They have 800 "experts" on a petition, you say? The American Society of Civil Engineers has 141,000 members. The Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society (materials scientists who are experts in the behavior of metals and other materials) has another 10,000 who can tell you exactly what to expect from a piece of steel when it gets hot under a load. Seriously, there is no debate here among anyone who actually knows what they're talking about. Go look up a REAL scientific, peer-reviewed journal and see what it says, not the tripe published by the "Journal of 9/11 Research" (which was only started when the publishers realized that real journals won't accept papers that are based on faulty science).

On Twin Towers, Twin Myths?

Posted on May 8 at 1:30 a.m.

KEYT is now reporting that the area east of Turnpike and north of 101 is under a mandatory evac order, in addition to the area east of Patterson and north of Cathedral Oaks. Is this accurate?

On More School Closures

Posted on May 7 at 11:05 p.m.

The best tip I can give for new people is that the ocean is always south in Santa Barbara/Goleta.

The press conference going on now has a pretty dire tone about it, some very serious language being used.

On Mandatory Evacuation: North of Cathedral Oaks to Patterson

Posted on May 7 at 10:48 p.m.

CGerlach's directions to UCSB shelter are correct; those reported on KEYT are slightly incorrect. But CGerlach is correct, 217 to UCSB, right at the traffic circle (which is Mesa Rd.), then left on Ocean Rd. Plenty of parking there near corner of Mesa and Ocean.

On Highway 154 Closed

Posted on May 7 at 10:37 p.m.

Looking from ucsb/airport area, the media helicopters are "hanging out" above the hills above Goleta, a la above the Gap fire burn area. I believe they're not allowed below a certain altitude, and they have to be over quite a ways to the west to be able to see under the smoke and to the flames near 154.

Also, now all areas north of Cathdral Oaks and east of PATTERSON are under mandatory evacuation, per KEYT.

On Highway 154 Closed

Posted on May 7 at 8:03 p.m.

Eyewitness on KEYT news just reported that the eastern side of the fire has crossed retardant lines and is threatening E. Camino Cielo at the moment, in addition to the new evacuations on the western side of the fire over to 154.

On Jesusita Fire Eyes Goleta

Posted on May 6 at 5:47 p.m.

This article says: "...the mandatory evac has been expanded to stretch more into the city. Now included are all properties on the mountainside of State Street, from San Roque Road to Micheltorena streets. That includes a large swath of downtown and the Upper East Side. The mandatory evac continues up until Micheltorena stops, and then up to APS."

But your maps do not reflect this. Which is accurate, the map or this comment?

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*** Map has been updated as of 5:30pm May 6 ***

-- WebAdmin

On Homes Burning, Fire Raging, All Hands on Deck

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