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Posted on December 26 at 11:33 p.m.

It takes real courage to face a challenge like that and it sounds like you were not spared even the slightest, totally heavy man, on an aside and what a lot of people are focusing on in their recovery is, get the PH Miracle by Dr Robert Powers, good support for eliminating the cancer cells with proper PH.

On My Life: Paddling Through the Storm

Posted on December 21 at 5:16 a.m.

Single payor, that is the solution, for profit insurance companies are illegal in all the other countries with universal coverage, and let's not be naive, we all pay though higher premiums for those who are uninsured.

On Repeal the Act

Posted on December 1 at 2:27 a.m.

How about peace, or give peace a chance or how about we are the ones who have been burning the Iranians for the past 50 years, how about the Saudis who are the number one terrorist organization the world (right behind Israel) are the ones we need to attack, how about all you neocons go get a life on another planet, how about the "October Surprise" the second coup here in the US after the Kennedy assassination, how about the assassination of Mossedegh? You people who want war war war are a danger to the planet and need to called out for what you are predators!

On Bad Deal

Posted on November 30 at 3:02 p.m.

Yes! Let us all educate ourselves on the safety of Fracking, in fact let us turn to Texas which has over 6000 Frack wells and listen to the residents who are having earthquakes as high as 3.6 and smell chemicals in the air right after the earthquakes, and who claim the all powerful oil and gas industry is preventing renewables such as wind and solar from expanding, and while we are at it let's educate ourselves on what the people of Massachusetts are doing to protect themselves, their environment and the future of their water supplies from the dangerous practice of fracking by banning fracking and yes lets see who is behind fracking, which is Wall Street, which is creating another bubble for speculators because the funding and the fees associated with fracking are the reason for the money being made available while wells run dry almost immediately, thereby another financial scandal waits in the wings as another reason why we should not believe the liars who promote the most dangerous environmental threat of our times.

Check out this story and educate yourself:

Massachusetts seeks 10-yr ban on gas fracking after series of Texas quakes

On Fear of Fracking Misplaced

Posted on November 30 at 5:25 a.m.

"We have progressed from being hopelessly dependent on foreign oil, which drained our economy and involved us needlessly in Middle East conflicts, to being a net exporter of oil in 2011..."
Rather then stating why Fracking is safe which it is not, you frame the argument with the age old oil man's fantasy that gets the US into wars, allows us to support dictators and despots with that argument "for the greater good" that tells me you are nothing more than a mouthpiece for the industry.

On Fear of Fracking Misplaced

Posted on November 28 at 8:44 p.m.

This is great news, provided, the recipient knows that, like Bill Clinton, you are being offered the keys to any profession you choose, with connections at the highest level, just like Skull & Bones, as long as you are willing to betray your country and mankind for the greater good, which means as long as you are willing to sell your soul for the elites... Good luck, we can only hope you betray your controllers. Young man read Carroll Quigley's "Tragedy and Hope", so at least you will know what you are up against, the price of a soul versus all the souls you will sacrifice!

On Santa Barbara Man Named Rhodes Scholar

Posted on November 23 at 11:52 p.m.

You know when a man speaks out in defense of perverts, check yourself, because you are not a man because there are men that would have sex with you just for the way you think, and they are not gay... wonder where that is?

On Police Arrest Pair of Gang Members for Sexual Battery

Posted on November 23 at 11:43 p.m.

If you can read this is it, Teller created it reflect 1% of the incoming sunlight to extend the use of fossil fuels for 50 years, the ones that are deluded are the sheep that believe the BS on TV.

On Chemtrails:

Posted on October 31 at 1:54 p.m.

The most dangerous industrial effort ever undertaken by man is about to begin and that is dismantling the spent fuel rod pool on reactor #4. This pool is sitting on the 2nd floor of the containment building that is leaning because of all the water that has been poured on the exposed reactor cores #1 & #2 that are in total meltdown (they do not even know where they are; China Syndrome) that the ground has liquified. So many problems come together at this juncture for instance the GE design putting the containment pools on upper floors was a cost cutting measure, there are 150 MOX fuel rods in the pool that even one rod properly distributed is toxic enough to kill a billion people, the building is leaning, the rods which have been damaged have to be extracted by robotic arms and if two of them touch or one is dropped the whole thing could explode and 400 tons of molten core will explode sending 10 times the cesium of Chernobyl into the atmosphere and up to 2 billion people could die from radiation exposure and no one knows where this perpetual cloud will go because it all depends on the jetstream. Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon, when he toured the disaster area, called this a potential mass extinction event. On the positive side no one is better at robotics than the Japanese but not one thing can go wrong during this entire operation which was scheduled to take two years but because of concerns for the integrity of the building was shortened to one year's time, so even this will be a rush job.

You! Look around at this beautiful planet and look what we have done by letting these morons we call business executives ruin it. The people who back unrestrained capitalism can now feast on their disease because now that disease has a name and it is radiation poisoning. Think about the children, the Pacific Ocean and the 102 reactors here in the US that must be manned 24 hours a day and protected for the next 500,000 years. Think about what this means as far as selfishness and shortsightedness, and what can only be termed the madness of those who only care about themselves, their money and their "freedom" to destroy, deny, take food out of the mouths of children, deny clean water, the right to healthcare, a decent job and pay, and all of you reading this need to take responsibility, if you are earning any more than .014% in your bank, or more specifically, if you are invested in one of these predator hedge funds, then go look in the mirror because you are the selfish ones who are the cause of this, enabled it, because you voted with your dollars for this brand of capitalism.

On Radioactive Fallout from Fukushima

Posted on April 25 at 11:50 p.m.

If they loved her so much in England, how come they drove the Wizard of Oz song "ding dong the wicked witch, the wicked witch is dead" all the way to number one on the pop charts.

She, like Reagan in this country, were put in power to shift wealth up and destroy the economies of the west until the poor workers in Asia can earn a little more while the Americans earn a lot less... Globalization and all the left/right wing nuts still, do not have a clue, what happened.

It must be Stockholm syndrome.

On Thatcher a British Hero?

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