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Posted on July 2 at 12:58 a.m.

First of all, I am an architecture student (i obviously have no income yet). I LOVE S.B. I moved here from Alaska about 10 years ago to get residency for school tuition. I would never expect to continue to live here with a normal American middle-class life. People have to accept that everyone in the world wants to live here because of its surrounding beauty and weather. There is no way to get around that. Unfortunately there is only one conclusion to draw: this town will continue to get more dense and stay unaffordable. So either move out and quite your b*t*zhin' or keep on living here and paying the sky high rent. God didn't intend for all of the human race to live here anyways.
What I hate is when others try to play God and say who can and cannot live here and purchase a house. Who cares how long someone has lived here and who cares how much they make or what they "contribute". That is insulting for government to say who is contributing. This is not China people! The free market will keep this place looking beautiful.

Oh and by the way, I promise you the developers are always making more than 15%. They hold all the strings!

I say get rid of all the subsidized housing and let the middle class tough it out (I know I have for a long time) or move out...You're gonna love this: I think a lot of the wealthy only want subsidized housing so educated blue collars keep this place from looking so much like a Mexican Riviera. Maybe its subconscious racism in disguise. At any rate, this place will always have a shortage of quality homes, teachers, police officers, nurses, etc. because many of them can't afford it. It's just a trade off we have to live (or die) with.

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