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Posted on February 15 at 1:30 p.m.

Ahhh, how refreshing! I see the 'anti informants' are alive and well...

When I was a young lad, about 45 years ago, we had a great urchin fishery in the Santa Monica Bay, off of Palos Verdes and Santa Catalina as well as San Clemente Islands. Everything was just grand then, we took what we wanted with no regard to reproduction or carry compacity and off course not to mention water quality...

Then a strange things happened! It was actually witnessed yet the 'liberal' news media off course hid the facts. Thousands of southward bound Otters left Big Sur for a holiday in Ensenda. On their way south, these little fellows discovered the rich urchin and shell fish fisheries. Some of them elected to stay off our coast up here in Santa Barbara - presumingly to ogle at the high cost shoreline housing opportunites. The rest of them pesky little critters headed south and depleted the shellfisheries before the locals, corporate and Japanese fleets could do the job. Well, you know, I beleive in true capitalism - good for those Otters!

Seriously folks, over fishing along with habitat destruction has destroyed the fisheries here. Let's get on the program and do something constructive about it instead of whining about a few jobs. You want to go after someone, go after the factory ships and the corporate fishing industry- they are the real sharks...leave the otters and the "environmentalists" alone and for God's sake, at least learn something about the science you are mis-quoting! You all know what Thomas Jefferson said about a informed populace.

On Otter Ho!

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