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Posted on August 26 at 2:28 p.m.

Thanks for calling attention to the economic challenges facing today's families who rely on Child Support payments to stay afloat. The legislature has acknowledged its commitment to California's families by increasing funding to the Child Support department. Locally, we collect and deliver almost $3 in Child Support payments for every $1 we spend to run the program; our 90 employees serve 18,000 families.

Good communication is even more important during these turbulent times. Parents should contact us immediately at 866-901-3212 if they have a change in circumstances that affects their ability to pay. This is a growing trend. Of the time we currently spend in court, fully a third is devoted to requesting modifications of existing Child Support orders. For those parents who have fallen behind in their payments and have lost their driver's licenses as a result, California is offering "Get Back on The Road" during the month of August. For as little as $25 paid toward past due balances and a renewed commitment to regular monthly payments, parents can again enjoy the privileges of driving. These are some of the many ways Child Support is being responsive to the current climate and working to take care of our local children.

Carrie Topliffe, Director
Santa Barbara County Child Support Department

On Child Support Suffers in Santa Barbara

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