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Posted on January 22 at 3:21 a.m.

There are no empty carbs in my menu. The "worst" thing on the list is rice, if you choose to buy white rice. One can buy brown rice instead.

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Posted on January 21 at 5:48 a.m.

It is easy to eat healthy on $6 or less a day.

Breakfast: Old fashioned oatmeal
Lunch: Salad (e.g. half a head of iceburg lettuce, an egg, 1/2 can of chickpeas)
Dinner: half a package of tofu with zucchini served on a bed of rice.

Multiply the above by 2 to get two days worth of food.
A head of iceburg lettuce typically cost $1.
A package of tofu is about $2.50.
A dozen of eggs cost around $2. (so 2 eggs cost less than 35 cents)
A can of chickpeas is about $1.50.
You can get 42oz old fashioned oats for less than $4 that will last you for a month. (so 2 days breakfast cost less than 30 cents)
One can get a 5lb bag of rice for less than $5 which again will last for a month. (so 2 days cost less than 35 cents)

Adding it all up (minus the cost of zucchini or whatever veggies is on sale) it cost $6 for 2 days. One can easily throw in some fruits and yogurt (10 for $5 when on sale) for snacks. Even if you add on salad dressings, salt etc there will still be money to spare.

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