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Posted on May 14 at 5:37 a.m.

believer wrote: The problem in this world is "They have taken religion out of schools".

The problem with this world is the belief that everyone's god is better than the next guy's god. This schoolyard pissing match has done nothing but be the root cause of deaths and untold suffering for millions since the start. Groups like this just revel in the thought of capturing young minds that can be twisted so that this misery can be perpetuated. The more misery, the better the propaganda that we need more religion to "fix" the world.

Not to single out Christianity, all religions are the same, but there has been over 2000 years of practice and belief-where is the great world that was to come because of the belief in god? Was it found in the wars, the torture, the persecution, the lies, the hypocrisy; The Hagees, the Haggards, the Bushes, the Falwells?

If one wants religion, they can get it from religious groups and the family- not the schools. Oh, and to paraphrase the Bible, pray in private (Keep it to yourself until I specifically ask for it) ...and stay away from the kids.

"Imagine no religion...."

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