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Posted on June 25 at 9:51 a.m.

This poll and these comments are interesting, but they don't mean much without hearing the testimony of the people who live on the Mesa and use Cliff Drive every day.

At a June 14 neighborhood meeting, 100 people attended and 30 spoke about the dangers of Cliff Drive and the need for safety improvements. We heard stories from seniors at SHIFCO who can't cross the street to get a bus, from parents who will never let their children cross the street to go to the beach or school, from people who might bike instead of driving if it were safer, from people who have been rear-ended while waiting to turn left off of Cliff, from people who have had cars end up in their yards and houses. There have been at least two fatal accidents since I've lived here.

The truth is people drive way over the speed limit because Cliff feels like a freeway and invites high speeds. The proposal is to go from 2 car lanes in each direction to 1 car lane in each direction, with a safe left-turn lane and 2 bike lanes. Cars will naturally drive a bit slower and closer together, bikes will have their own lanes, and pedestrians will have a shorter distance to cross.

Driving from Las Positas to Castillo might take 30 seconds longer if speeds were reduced by 5 miles per hour. I'll take safety over speed and convenience any day.

Come on down to the Tuesday City Council meeting and listen to the people who have suffered from this street long enough.

On Should Cliff Drive be reduced from 4 lanes to 3?

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