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Posted on March 28 at 10:36 p.m.

oh, chris. take it from a fellow diver: we want otters. if you like diving for food, like i do, you should always set a plate for the otters. otters are classic keystone species, and that's good for us.

when we have otters, we have more seafood poundage and more seafood choices, which support more and richer fisheries. otters increase kelp forest diversity and total productivity (measured in weight, mass, top-predator size...), and i'm sure you know that is well-studied.

kelp is among the most productive organisms on earth, and is thus the backbone of our local marine ecosystem; it provides food and habitat for bugs, little fish, big fish... and free-divers. by bringing back otters, urchins drop, kelp returns, and so do hundreds of other fishes and inverts that our favored seafood species all need.

think of it this way: with otters, sunlight... makes kelp... makes lotsa little fish and little bugs... makes lotsa big fish and big bugs for you and me! without otters, sunlight... little scraps of algae... for tons of urchins and little else... couple of happy urchin divers... our local ocean becomes the global urchin egg pantry.

excluding otters to push urchin numbers would be like killing hawks and owls to create a market for rats; i don't care how much money you could make, that's lame for our community.

On Otter Ho!

Posted on September 14 at 2:13 p.m.

i'm disappointed that people waste breath on conjecture about joyce dudley's possible motives in handling these convictions. real criminals have admitted their crimes and they are clearly inexcusable, but i guess stayindy and nickilawyer (whomever you are) thought this a more appropriate time to make personal slurs against a woman who devotes her life to difficult work in defense of the public's safety... i understand that election season makes character assassination a favorite blood sport, but please keep your eye on the ball and spare us the vitriole. knowing joyce and her family, i would find these comments laughable if they weren't so hurtful.

On Two Sentenced to Jail for Sex With Inmate

Posted on April 9 at 2:40 p.m.

partying on the beach is oh-so-sweet, and i certainly love to see everyone having a good time. events like this offer a much-needed turning point in the academic cycle, and an opportunity to focus on the most beautiful things about our beautiful home. it's such a sad stupid shame that idiots can't be responsible about their celebration. there is simply no excuse for infantile bottle-/bike-throwing or careless beach-wrecking (and yes, there was a TON of litter out there).

thank god things weren't worse... imagine the difference in official response between "12,000 people had a good time responsibly" and "11,998 people partied but we had to shut it down due to a couple fools." what if one of those bottles had cracked a skull, or scalped a kid, or drowned a swimmer... all things considered, we got lucky that those few jackasses didn't ruin things more.

simple proposal: self-policing. if you see a fellow reveler endangering another, or hucking trash like it doesn't matter, make them stop (be creative; cops aren't exactlty gentle). if no one takes responsibility, the 95% of us who like to party responsibly will be criminalized or regulated off the beach. ugh...

On Isla Vista's Floatopia Fiasco

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