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Posted on April 27 at 12:39 a.m.

re: "Sorceress"

"@ Diva: Why is a raven like a writing desk?"

Hahahahah...I dunno, Witch...why are you talking in tongues..we all know that is some kind of well known drug induced Koan...but I ain't gonna indulge ya that for this kind of base B.S. on the local level

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Posted on April 27 at 12:35 a.m.

re: "E2K"

"Diva is the neighborhood busybody who will distort facts and expect everyone's world to revolve around her."

..hmmm,,,who the hell could this be??? "Diva" hasn't been in the "Neighborhood" for close to Five years....could it be.>>>Some one with a Vested Interest?????????

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Posted on April 20 at 2:10 p.m.

re: 14noscams comment...yours is informed and a good oversight of this mess...if in fact he was "delivering" the goods during said illustrious 30 day period, then, yep, he was definately operating...I guess the question remains about if there was a corresponding demand that a storefront named such delivery service, that I did not see in late 2007 or the first 8 months of 2008, but maybe he just had a business card or something in the window...bottom line, as far as I am concerned, that property owner, when he took my first 9K check out of my hand, assured my demands would be met re: absolutely no marijuana situation whatsoever at that location, next door to me--I had a right to inquire about any existence of it before I made the commitment to locate there--my right that was not met, so he was assisting too--either way, it seems its all about trying to play everyone at once,,,a judge will have to be the oversight in this probably in the long run

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Posted on April 20 at 2:03 p.m.

"Diva" doesn't have a chip on her shoulder whatsoever, if she did, she would of chipped right back at them with litigation, which is a waste of time and response was in the need for the truth to be told, i.e. the police inspection for marijuana storage on the property in 2008, etc.

Nor did "Diva" say there was a "death threat", there was a threat of bodily harm, that I should "watch my back"...where that was intended to go, I don't know, and quite frankly!! I had forgotten about it all until about 10 days ago

Nor was "Diva" the victim of a robbery, that was referencing Fourmys 1/2 mill in crops not being reported to the authorities as stolen, initially, as I understand it

Re: "Diva's" request for a "baby sitter" for her "boyfriend"..well I'll acquiesce a bit of truth in that direction,,,,but if we are going to talk about "Compassion" and its due center, I don't think such a request of keeping drugs out of the ready access of known addicts is too much to ask from a licensed dispensary, now do you?

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Posted on April 14 at 3:19 a.m.

BTW in all due respect Marijuana is Dope to some, but Medicine to many, I won't surmise the distinction as that's a personal one, but the public one is blatant when it is not in fact for medicinal purposes--that determination is left to the public, the neighbors and the police to assess at this point

AND!!! In all fairness to Mr. Fourmy,,he announced to the council that he did not know me!!! He appears to have grown a beard, and supposedly has a brother,,but that pesky lil problem of our collective Landlord (my past Landlord as of today) calling him Patrick just seems to keep cropping up .....

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Posted on April 14 at 3:04 a.m.

Wow!! what a lesson in bias and selective reporting this has been...I've surveyed over 6 local paper and online publications and not ONE mentioned my HIS immediate NEIGHBOR!!

Fourmy has in many regards created & left a legacy/template of how to run, compassion wise, an interactive and service based center to distribute drugs, i.e. the use of nurses, hopefully this will be adhered to/insisted upon by other "dispensaries"

Personally, on observation it seems the dude was caught in a catch 22 of trying to appease the landlord, the feds and the city by skirting whatever the hell law at the time he skirted, and it appears there were and are many, I don't try to stay up on these laws..but I do know the whole operation as far as "prescriptions" for dope, is a joke,,,I sat there for months seeing, watching and hearing about folks that (apparently--no one will know for sure, except for a few occurences personally with my partner(s)) did not have prescriptions, get the goods with Compassion,,,

then there was the City Police inspection I personally watched in 2008,,,no pot on the premises, i.e. no operations in place in fact, then there were the threats of physical violence to me personally for telling him/them to keep the dope from my ex-addict partner, the robbery, the new millenium operative of "non profit" for all, esp the city (by way of revenue sharing from the state coffers) as far as taxes not being paid or collected on employees to the state and fed coffers...bottom line...this guy had too many hurdles and too many holes in his idea to supply SB with centered sense

the problem: pharmacists out of the loop, pharmacists should be the only distributors of any drug, period. Wonder why their unions haven't attacked this lil the bud

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