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Location: 4th Thursday at The French Press or by Skype

Biography: Dreams are a very specific way that your innermost self is communicating with you. If you begin to pay attention to and communicate with your specific imagery you will gain tremendous insight into your life and learn about ways in which you can live more fully and meaningfully.

Darlene is a certified NLP Practitioner and Coach. She has trained in a very specific method that will guide you to find the language of your dreams from your unconscious mind. This is more accurate than any dream dictionary or outside interpretation because it comes from you. Together we will unravel the story and create a plan for a specific outcome of your choosing. You will really be amazed at the depth and insight waiting for you offered up by your dreams. I am at The French Press every 4th Thursday of the month or by Skype. Call 805-284-9416 to schedule an appointment.

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