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Posted on February 13 at 8:45 p.m.

If they take away your Judge, they will take away every 22 cal. revolver ( which includes that massive assult weapon the Ruger Bear cat ) through the Dirty Harry .44 mag and Rugers Rapid fire SINGLE ACTION Heart Stopping ,,,38s,.357,.41 cals. I have been shooting shot loads in these for 50 years. My Taurus circuit judge is carried as a .45 long Colt when I am in the mountains for cougar protection while teaching my grand children the art of camping and survival if lost. Then I carry it with .410 snake loads in the deserts and hay fields etc. I have not EVER heard of anyone using any of these to kill anyone,not even a gangsta would use revolvers with shot shells to kill any thing.THE ONLY REASON TO BAN ANY GUN IS TO DISSARM AMERICA . WHO VOTES THESE COMMUNISTS INTO OFFICE? Is California a total communist state ?

On New Gun Control Bill to be Introduced

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