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Posted on February 17 at 9:57 a.m.

The 'fumes' mentioned by bimboteskie are naturally occurring from methane leaks, aka, Coal Oil Point. It's the geology that is responsible for the oil and gas leaks, not Venoco. In fact Venoco has installed collection caps to collect some of the leakage. EDC never misses a change to hammer on the oil companies. Crying 'Wolf!' all the time may help their bottom line, but it hurts their image in the long run. When their staff stop putting gas in their guzzling Subaru 4WD cars and get on a bike maybe they will have some credibility.

On Venoco Denies Acidizing Off Goleta Coast

Posted on February 12 at 2:45 p.m.

The real issues is not 'two homes, yes or no' but rather the location of the homes. Put where they belong on the East end of the two parcels no seal or white Tail Kite problems. No mile long road or water line. Why are they on the far West end? Because that opens the door for development of some or all of their 25 Naples Township lots. A moron could see this coming. So what does that say about the Board Of Supervisors?

On Gaviota Homes Approved

Posted on February 4 at 4:23 p.m.

Just so everyone knows, our Board of Supervisors approved today a two mansion project on the Gaviota Coast that has permission to use 30 acre feet of Goleta water a year. Of course the LA developer promises to use drought tolerant plants and low flow toilets. Sure, wink, wink. Is it time to recall our pro-growth Supervisors?

On 'Mega-Drought' Looms

Posted on February 3 at 9:36 a.m.

The issue here is not 'property rights'. Rather it is the obligation of the property owners to comply with the law. Accordingly, by law, the owners can build two homes, but they must be in a place on the parcels that have the least effect on the environment. The chosen place does not meet this requirement. Instead the County has falsified the EIR to support the owners desires. Why? Because, like the Trails Council, they have been bribed. The owners have 'offered' trails and easements but ONLY if their project is approved. Should the County determine that the homes should be in another location on the properties then the 'offers' go away. Pure and simple, it is bribery.

On Trails Council Reaches Agreement With Paradiso Developers

Posted on November 14 at 1:55 p.m.

How about a hypothetical? Say one of these floating hotels rotates in every time one leaves. Essentially they can and may do this. Well suppose someone just acquires an older one for cheap and just anchors it permanently out there. Is there any real difference? Say they contract with a barge company to haul away their *hit and trash. They would have primo view parking spot, pay no property taxes, pay no bed taxes. Sweet deal, no? And we get a big ugly in our beautiful ocean vista forever. One more question. Do people have to pass a stupid test to be on City Council?

On The Cruise Ship Question

Posted on August 26 at 7:48 a.m.

Leaving aside the controversial issue of "return" of Chumash to land they previously owned there is another issue not being discussed. That is the issue of County land use controls. To be honest navigating through Planning and Development is a nightmare. It is a bureaucracy that can drive a person to tear their hair out. It is especially intolerant to those wanting something "original" on their land. Say a Chumash wanted to live in a traditional Chumash dwelling. Nope, not permitted. Say a Chumash wanted to compost their own waste to return it to the soil. Nope. Planning and Development has a rule book that must be two feet thick. It is designed to make everyone live the lifestyle the planners think is "normal". Think tiki tac. Take a drive around the Santa Ynez Valley. That is P&D at work.

On Chumash Reach Out to County Planning

Posted on August 21 at 7:59 a.m.

Sometimes really subtle sarcasm goes right by me. It took me a few minutes to realize the subtle slam on the rampant NIMBYism that flourishes in the Santa Ynez Valley in this writers letter.

On Camp 4 Annexation Danger

Posted on August 9 at 2:18 p.m.

The fundamental question I have is this, who hired Mike Brown, who kept him employed by the County year after year, and who replaced him with Waller? With "friends" like our Board who needs enemies?

On No Bone, No Dog

Posted on June 17 at 9:28 a.m.

Sue Trescher was a wonderful person and an excellent attorney. She headed the County Councils Office for many years. The County was and is much the better for her work. She was responsible for forcing Chevron to build the Vista Del Mar School District the fine new school it enjoys at Las Cruces. She is missed.

On Sue Trescher Leaves $1 Million to Domestic Violence Solutions

Posted on May 31 at 8:45 a.m.

While the Forest Service can be criticized for their lack of water dropping aircraft such criticism pales compared to that which should be directed at our County officials. If you look close at the pictures of our County helicopter doing water drops on the White Fire you will note that in large letters on the tail it is a "Sheriff" helicopter. County Fire used to have two birds and pilots that were for fire and rescue. Now they have been "combined" with the Sheriff's air program. Bad, bad, idea. Remember when Sheriff Jim Thomas was made Fire Chief as well as Sheriff? Didn't work nor is combining air support working. Ever sense 9-11 the Sheriff Department has been eating away at the Fire Department budget. Now it has essentially taken over the Fire Departments air arm. It was supposed to save money. It didn't. The Supervisors should really admit their folly and give the firefighters their air support back.

On Like Father, Like Dog

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