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Posted on December 11 at 1:29 p.m.

The issues that need to be addressed here are, public safety & culpibility. We live in a scociety where the careless actions of a few may effect the safety of others. The people who started the Tea & Jesuita fire caused the destruction of hundereds of families homes, some of these, due to insurance problems may never rebuild, one couple was badly burned & others injured. These fire starters broke laws, & laws are created to protect society. Were these people just ignorant or should they be held responsible for their actions. Consider a ponigant analogy....There was once a farm-boy who grew up in the country. His favorite passtime was target practicing in the back yard with his rifle. Since nobody lived for miles around it wasn't a problem. Then he moved to the city. He went outside in his new home, set up his target and shot. The bullets passed through the fence and struck the neighbors child in the head and killed him. Is this farm-boy guilty of anything other than ignorance or should he be held responsible for his actions? After all there are laws that forbid discharging firearms in residential communities. So should the fire-starters be accountable for more than just ignorance? How do we protect the lives & property of those who live near high fire risk areas? Certinally if people are not accountable for such negligence then they should not have access to these areas. So during the fire season no culpibility=no access, earthling

On Trail Gnomes Charged in Jesusita Fire

Posted on July 29 at 1:24 p.m.

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On How Our Botanic Garden Grows

Posted on June 16 at 8:26 a.m.

Zorro, Fully insured by an insurance co means that you have a policy. They cover you for certian categories, you take the $ for what they cover & you come up w/ the rest. Check w/ your insurance co to learn more, or of course you could blame the SBBG for the slick insurance co rules. The lawyer working w/ the SBBG is working quid por quo. Easier to spread rumors than learn the truth. Earthling

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Posted on June 15 at 5:24 p.m.

Owen, Spreading misinformation is an easy way to stir up controversy ; however, I question the merrits of slandering such a renound institution. First the SBBG is fully insured w/ CHUBB. Second there is no costly law suit the SBBG filed a WRIT which costs NOTHING. Have you checked the #s you anr tossing around or are they as fictitous as the rest of your data? The SBBG has spent approx one million $ on defensible space & fire safety for Mission canyon. 100K was spent to remove a giant grove of eucyliptus trees from where Mission canyon meets Tunnel, 500K for extension of the water main & instalation of fire hydrants in Mission canyon, thousands for the Meadow Terrace, 80K grant for a state of the art wireless irrigation system for the meadow & finally 90K for brush removal from MC which ended just weeks before the Jesuisita fire. Then the fire came...... the fire fighters recognised the aforementioned attributes, the chose to use the SBBG for a foreward opperations base & held the line. No homes burned below the SGGG the investment paid off. It takes insight to plan a beautiful landscape that serves the community in this way. Whether appreciative of not, there are people who are still living in their homes because the SBBG has fought for their consept. There are others who on the otherhand who are too narrow minded & just throw rocks. Earthling

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Posted on April 27 at 10:42 a.m.

The SBBG is a scientific institution committed to the preservation of california native plant species. Native species are vanishing from this planet @ an unpesidented rate. All non-profits are currently undergoing hardships due to the economy the SBBG included. Of course it is the pretentous nature of humans to make this about them. This why our planet is going down the toilet. This is about preserving our biodiversity. If people really care about the latter then support the Garden. It does wonderful things and it needs financial support to do more

On Botanic Garden Volunteers on Strike

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