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Posted on September 19 at 5:34 a.m.

** sorry about the word burgers above…passion took over…hope you get my message Thanks Slange ~~~ Lizzy

On The High Price of Renting in Paradise

Posted on September 19 at 5:31 a.m.

6 of 6…..thanks for your patience.

The right to "peaceful enjoyment" of a decent living space should not be so difficult. Stand up and do something. If you are a renter who is not being respected-SPEA UP. Out crappy landlord. Pets are being put into shelters because landlords won't accept what most feel is a part of their family. How is that ok? And my BIG question…HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??? *** I know this is a bit of a rant…but I have been experiencing so many of the issues..and that is pretty telling…so SHOUTING…is ok…just for today**** Thanks for letting me share. NO haters please. I cry easily these days. Slange!

On The High Price of Renting in Paradise

Posted on September 19 at 5:30 a.m.

5 of 6 (oops)..more wordy than I thought

***OPRAH IF YOU ARE READING THIS-YOUR TOWNS LEGAL AID COULD SURE USE AN "OPRAH". I am going between caroming for my Dad who is in the hospital and in decline.To getting my own medical issues seen to. To caring for my son-who is a freshman at SBCC-actually he started college 10 days after graduating from High School. Despite our hardship-he is doing well.Wants to get his PHD in Criminal Psychology. We are exhausted and alone. A very small family in need. I contact and network for help-every day. My car died too. Much to kill the human spirit. BUt I take my life very seriously-so me getting through this is not a question…it is about HOW. I think we need to have a TOWN HALL MEETING AS TENANTS AND OWNERS. Rent control NEEDS to be discussed…everything needs to be discussed.Perhaps a special agency needs to be created for this effort. Rental Mediation Task force is great. Legal Aid-alos great. But maybe there just needs to be a dedicated effort toward investigatinmg landlords and property management companies. A set of rules-made law. So when I tenants rights are violated there is a swift course of action. Substandard housing in SB can not be tolerated. Charging $2000 for nasty two bedroom is robbery. The %60 -Need advocacy. We are the nurses,waiters,contractors and support to the fabulous folks in the 93108 and 93110.We need to get a decent living wage for our efforts as well. How can rents go up and wages go down…and anyone feel contentment? How can someone feel proud or happy about charging a working family %60-%70 of their earnings from sometimes many jobs? How do these people sleep at night. When did greed become the new order. These crappy property management companies who are staffed by teenagers who have no clue…period. These owners who feel they do whatever they want. It is anarchy. I have felt like a failure because we may become homeless any day now.I have worked hard all of my life-either at paid jobs or as the family support system-raising kids and acting for the aging.Caregivers are so under served it is beyond me. So much is demanded of us and yet there is no resource for housing or any kind of help.It is just not fair and needs to righted. WRITE YOUR SENATOR OR CONGRESSMAN…YOUR CITY REPRESENTATIVES…THE MAYOR. TALK-WRITE-SHOUT. Get educated. These people who have made greed and laziness their career need to be held accountable. Don't back down. I am tired too. That I cannot even JUST care for my Dad while he is so ill-is a crime. That I have been heaped with all of this and no help-it is not the Santa Barbara I knew as a child. I remember a very proud and pro-active community. They took the word community as serious as air or water. It is after all a people business.

On The High Price of Renting in Paradise

Posted on September 19 at 5:27 a.m.

part 4 of 4 On top of all of it…me an my fiancé broke up after many years-raising each of our boys together full-time. I was in a car accident which has left me disabled. My car died. And my father hard emergency surgery a few weeks ago-and I manage his care. I tried to mediate with the owners. They began calling me right after we moved in and I have spoken to or written to family members in reply to their concerns. I told them SP was not managing the property well. We put $15K into the house and now I am in the position of either getting them to settle for giving us more time in leu of paying us what they owe us. Or taking them to court to recover the money. They got a lawyer with a reputation for over billing and padding.

My son and I face homelessness in SB. We are being harassed with midnight visits from someone who bangs on the door and then runs away in a burgundy Prius. At 6:30 Thursday morning a man was banging at our door saying he was lost. We live on a dead end road? How is any of this ok? It is indecent. Criminal in fact. The water pressure has been cut by %30. I am representing myself in the case-with help from legal aid. LEGAL AID is UNDERFUNDED-and so inundated with TENANT RIGHTS CASES….They are having to say no to people in serious need -like us.

On The High Price of Renting in Paradise

Posted on September 19 at 5:26 a.m.

part3 of 4
A clearly RETALIATORY act on the part of the management co/owner.The owners family have been walking onto the property and letting themselves into the house -at will since the day we moved in. Always saying "it is our house". We have had not had our legal right to "PEACEFUL ENJOYMENT".My mother passed away almost two hearts ago and I was walking into the house and the owners relative asked if she could come in and I said "No-my mom just does and I have had a bad day" She insisted and just followed me in…while caring a cocktail in one hand. I told her to call Sandpiper..ans she yelled.."WTF is Sandpiper?" . No notice..they do not even wait before walking in. This very intoxicated woman just lets herself in and says she's the owner. She likes the work we doing on the house and tells us to keep going and send them the bills. They have sent people to the house to do termite inspections or whatever WITH NO NOTICE WHILE MY 17 YEAR OLD SON WAS IN THE HOUSE ALONE…THIS IS ILLEGAL. NOT to mention invasive. Both my son and I have been in two consecutive car accidents where we were rear ended and suffer injuries..and some PTSD as a result. After one un-announced visit from a man who we never found who he was or why he was there (as a Mother you can understand my concern hopefully)As a result-my son would not come out of his room for two days.

To date-we have not been reimbursed.We have had pipes burst and water damage to personal items. Constant plumbing problems. The fire department came to talk to me about the fact that the dead leaves and dried out vegetation was putting the home at risk. With no gardener coming I took to wetting the property.It takes about 4 hours to get it properly soaked.

On The High Price of Renting in Paradise

Posted on September 19 at 5:23 a.m.

part 2 of 4…. And if they do repair-they do "band aid" repairs…so the problem crops up again in a few months. The house is not "to code". On top of all of this-we got notice one month in- that we were paying the electric bill for the cottage below and would receive a $30 rebate. I began complaining about the electric from day one. NOTHING has ever been done. I had Edison come out and look at putting a better on the footage and surveying usage. We have been paying on average $100 of the cottages electric per month. It has ALL electric appliances-occupies 2-4 people.In our contract we are guaranteed a gardener weekly. We have had a gardener come 4 times in 13 months. When the owners family called me to ask about what SP was doing-I mentioned the electric and was told "NOT TO MAKE WAVES OR THE OWNER WOULD MAKE US MOVE AND JUST SELL". Basically I was told to "PUT UP AND SHUT UP" .We have no water pressure as of late. Many people drive up our driveway-sit for a minute-I go out to the porch-they drive away. In May I wrote another email about the electric and a few weeks later we got a notice of a "Termination of Tenancy". Not properly served.Never posted just mailed and then to the wrong address.

On The High Price of Renting in Paradise

Posted on September 19 at 5:18 a.m.

Part 1of 3(word count limit) 90 Comments in 24 hours-that is pretty telling. I wrote Matt K. about how we had gotten notice on our home and thought it was a trend worth investigating a few months ago. I am thankful this subject is getting some light.WE ARE A FAMILY IN CRISIS..AND I KNOW THERE ARE SO MANY MORE. CAN WE GIND A WAY TOGETHER-SHARE STORIES AND FIND SOLUTIONS AND RESOURCES???? Can we get back to the business of being human. Of being neighbors? Our story: I am a single Mother with a teen son and my 92 year old fathers sole care giver. I have managed care for family for almost 20 years.We rent a home from Sandpiper (at the Legal Resource center they say they get more filings and complaints about Sandpiper than ANY other rental management company)

Anyhow-we rented the house in June '12. $ bedrooms back Riviera-$3k…seemed a good deal. From the get-go SP would do little to no repair work. We had to pay to re-paint the entire interior-there was mold everywhere- we had it KIlls'd. There is massive termite damage. Dead tree's surround the house and are a danger.. A wooden deck with so much termite damage -when you walk on it-your foot goes through. There are no fences and often kid and animals run through the properties-it's a hug liability.I began sending emails and making calls about repair from day one. Nothing usually gets done as far as repairs through SP. We do them.

On The High Price of Renting in Paradise

Posted on September 3 at 12:03 p.m.

Lots of talk about position from what I have read is...I was not there...I don't know the mental state of the man with the knife-being a cop is a hard job-your choices are vastly different than in any other job-It must be hard to live with these choices sometimes...hard to find a way to just stay balanced. What I do not understand is why people who were not there and have only a limited amount of info can think so violently toward the office. I have been assisted a few times in my life by a PD-one SAVED my life once...I think we should try and be realistic when this kind of thing happens--The man with the knife made a choice...and the officer simply responded...the officer now gets to live with his choice is not a small thing...not an easy choice. Would throwing him a little grace be too hard? Peace and may the sad soul that caused his own demise now find his own peace--this planet is not an easy place to be--these days anxiety and violence are everywhere--my suggestions is that we perhaps put the officer in the best light possible...he is right now probably having one of the worst days of his life---my $00.02....from a soul who has a long list of choices that have left soul kind. Lizzy

On Witnesses Recall Fatal Shooting

Posted on June 2 at 9:09 a.m.

This is crap behavior-it is graduation week-nasty-throw the book at them!!!
The ONE good thing-the Insurance for this should cover some already much needed renovations! Jerks!

On Two Teens Arrested for Trashing High School Auditorium

Posted on May 28 at 7:46 p.m.

Advisory: New Vegetation Fire @ Hwy246 & Hwy154 - 4:40pm, Tuesday, 28 May 2013
Hi Elizabeth Minnis-Menzies,
The Santa Barbara County Fire Department is reporting that a new vegetation/grass fire, the Olive Fire, that started near the intersection of Highways 246 and 154 at approx. 3:00pm this afternoon. The fire has crossed over Hwy 246 and is burning south of the highway.

Hwy 246 is being closed at Meadowdale Rd and Hwy 154 is being closed at Armor Ranch Road. Four tankers and four helicopters are being ordered.

Currently the grass fire is 170 acres and threatening approx. 50 homes.

Strong NE winds…Multiple aircraft and engines are being diverted from the USFS WHITE Fire to assist.

Sheriffs Department is conducting an evacuation of the threatened homes.

OEM will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates when they become available.
For full details, view this message on the web.

On Grass Fire in Santa Ynez Valley

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