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Posted on May 28 at 1:42 a.m.

Can we hear from Ray Ford? We have all been through this-let's get a grip. We are on Foothill-and white ash is falling. We just moved up here this year-and the neighbors here are all dialed in. What we learned today? Ok. So...our driveway is a block long-we are smells like BBQ-which would be great if it were just that. We have a friend who lives in Paradise and we have offered shelter-but we are perhaps in the "burn line". Have you ever heard the saying.."if you want to make God laugh-make plans.?" We just finished unpacking (almost) from the move-and now the word is-"pack up-just in case their is an evac" Do we laugh now?Cry? We were all hedaing downtown to see "Hangover III"-(we are a family of men-and a Mommy) and then I came out of the Paseo Nuevo bathroom on the second floor and saw the "plume"(we are so educated here that plume is a common word)-then I called my fiance'-"hey honey I just saw a rust colored plume from the north west quad---???" We begin research on phones-all the while my back has gone into spasm--I sit in front of the theatre--we have done that thing where the family scatters-we are all in different locations downtown. I had shopped for food-my son was working on a video project filming homeless folks downtown-my fiance and his son were clothes what did we do? Not the movie-we came home and had a BBQ-ironic perhaps? cont-belowBut we skipped the movie to come home and "honker down". I went next door and my neighbor MIssy said, "ya know people always say-how nice it is when the weather gets warm here...and that's when we all start thinking...yeah -right-OK---and in my head is-***I just hope we don't smell smoke***"....well we smell smoke and see ash...and Santa Barbar media has gone rogue-WTF KEYT-who the F*** is running the show up there on the hill? Seriously. Mrs. Towbes needs to get that station in gear. It is suppose to be a NEWS agency-s place we can go to find out what is happening--right?

On Fire Burning Off Paradise Road

Posted on May 28 at 1:41 a.m.

When you Google "Santa Barbara Memorial Day Fire"-who is number one in reporting....wait for it...sit down...The LA Times...who could honestly give a SH** about us....simply because we are 90 miles away. Fire happens fast and furious. I DEPEND on RAY FORD--as my best resource for "reality" News about fires here. Here is the "SB Fire GURU" absolute!
We live on Foothill near the SB Tennis Club-and it is 1:22 AM-the sky is amber glowing and ash is falling-I have a headache-back spasm....and I pray that we do not have to evac. Kids are finishing school. We have an 8th grader graduating and a 91 year old Dad lives downtown. I just hope the heaven sent Fire Department gets it under control...that the crazy sudden wind dies-the heat settles--maybe some rain? Why is it that when something begins to burn here-we get crazy wind? Anyhow-I am still in gratitude-yet scared of the local media....Thanks in advance to Ray Ford (who honestly needs to have a news desk ON AIR during ANY and ALL fires ....that's just my $00.02....Did my back go out as a reaction to the stress of fire? I mean it is a thought. We have been spring cleaning-and was scrubbing the kitchen floor (now doppled with ash)....and @loonpt-yeah why is that? Does fire attract wind? I feel like we in SB are playing a game of atmospheric "rock-paper-scissors" when we hit fire season. Thanks Indy-for at least being aware. The Indy needs a TV channel-in my humble view. Edhat? ya'll get drunk and fill the network with Mojito news? And The SB Newspress(aka fish wrapper)will probably have a front page on a Vet 3 Legged race for us later today-ee gads! Ray Ford PLEASE come to our aid!!!! Thx Lizzy (sorry for the word burgers-half asleep and a bit scared)
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On Fire Burning Off Paradise Road

Posted on April 15 at 4:36 a.m.

lots of emails about lodgings...try
affordable accommodation-near venues!


On "Hollywood High!" With Robert Osborne and Ben Mankiewicz : The "Professors" of Classic Film

Posted on March 27 at 7:04 p.m. HELP!
We moved up to Foothill Rd...about a three block drive way up.This fall we jumpers....grey with a little red dot...little tiny brown (F****ers)
Now-we have a new flock.
We call them "The Live Stock"
What do we do?

On Spider Senses

Posted on March 14 at 6:53 p.m.

Great read!

On <em>Present Laughter</em> at SBCC

Posted on November 16 at 3:06 a.m.

Yes...I'll say it again..and it is all true.

On Finding The Love... Child

Posted on November 16 at 2:52 a.m.

Jay was my son and my, Dr for a few years..and the stories were worth the price of admission I tell ya!!! WOW! he met his wife in the lobby of the Hilton Hotel in Atlanta...he raved about his family...most Dr's kind of knock you out the door as soon as possible but not Jay..he did surgery on my sons feet..cracking jokes the whole way...he worked on my feet too ...imagine was a real gift.

I just lost My Mom in late I am in sympathy with your families loss. The memories must be rich..I know Jay's were and he seemed to lavish so much attention on folks ...the legacy is great..far reaching, long lasting and inspired.

Thank you!

On Obituary for Dr. Jay Shuken

Posted on April 6 at 10:45 a.m.

@ Ken-Volok
Thanks for the tips!
Can I hire you?
One note, on your note...
*" but I good copy editor can"*
Careful....lest ye be judged as well.
Thanks, really...I do apprecaite it more than you know!

On TCM Film Festival : Morlock’s, Geeks, The Classic Film Union and Stargazers Take over Hollywood Blvd and the Roosevelt Hotel!

Posted on April 6 at 8:23 a.m.

Yay! Go Dons! Congrats!

On S.B. High Cheer Team Wins National Title

Posted on February 4 at 10:20 a.m.

What a great spirit , a great energy.
I will miss seeing the shirts,the hair and the smile.
Good voyage.
This will be a hard day wondering the streets of SB for the Festival. But a good life has a light- a way of penetrating everyone around it. We will be in that light today I hope.
Peaceful blessings to those close to him and his family.

On S.B. Filmmaker Mike DeGruy Killed in Helicopter Crash

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