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Posted on January 6 at 9:03 a.m.

Sorry about the word burgers above..I was verklempt!

On Roger Durling’s Top Flicks

Posted on January 6 at 8:55 a.m.

Dito. We need an Aero. A Cinamatique Boutique.
The Riviera is great and it simply needs a partner.
Plaza de Oro is good too..don't get me wrong.
I think we need a film house near cafe's etc.
A place to view, walk,eat and chat.
I grew up around the corner from the Aero and my son who is 15 LOVES to see classic film on the big screen.He loves a black and white double feature...and he doesn't even mind seats without cup-holders!

Are there any standing movie houses in SB not in use?

What is happening with that lil movie house in Carp?

Or even using the SBCC theatre we use for Rogers film class on occassion for a Cinema Society for younger eyes and audiences...this legacy is worth it.
We evolve it nourishes and engages.
Seeks and demands.
I know I am a bit of Paris Romatical-Polyana(sp)
...(seen Midnight in Paris ...a lot!)
But...wouldn't it be fantasticly wonderous and I would deeply love it... if we could get back to SB the way it was when I was a kid. We used have this great sub-culture in SB...and we need Roger Durling is often heard saying, "take back the dark."
The dark is my church.
My black-blue heaven!
And we all need a heaven!

On Roger Durling’s Top Flicks

Posted on January 6 at 8:29 a.m.

This year has a bumper crop of great work!
Diverse and driven... and love was at the center.
For my self this has been one crappy year and two things got me through the "poo of my tao" and love.
Love was the energy and film was the art.

On SBIFF 2012 Unveils Slate

Posted on December 31 at 2:42 p.m.

They did...that is how he was convicted.

On Steven Kunes Admits to Forging Checks and Scamming Friend

Posted on December 31 at 2:26 p.m.

Now--ya see...this is how good newspapers are run.
They take responsibility and then take action.
It has to be hard to cater to all taste levels and like my Grandma and Grandpa used to say (both worked for the Washington Star a very long time ago) "I do NOT have the gift of osmosis...if you don't tell me what you WILL I know how to help...or change or...anything." I like some strurdy banter.
One thing I have learned in my many years on the planet.
Excuses never work...just say "sorry I will try to do better" and move on...try your best to keep your lip service...and move on.
I may not accomplish this everyday...but it is the goal.
I saw this in action the other night when we were walking home...the guy that plays splendid Leo Kotke-esque guitar in the parking structure...WOW is that for visual art?
You see it is all about perception.
What I see as visual art you may see as music...I think LIFE is a visual art...all day every day.
Happy New Year!
And thanks for the splendid letter and the great banter to follow.
Keeps me believing in the human race.

On Art Seen?

Posted on December 9 at 7:51 a.m.

The rink in Oxnard will be closing soon and then we will have to drive to Camarillo to skate.
There is NO comparison to ice skating.
It has this way of making you feel like a kid...a free spirit...something good...something solid and just plain nice!
We need Johnny Weir or someone big to do a PSA for the rink.
In the end, private support will make it happen.
I still believe the insanely wealthy in the community have not been tapped for this.
This is so PC it is no brainer!

On Ice Rink Project Gets $250,000

Posted on November 30 at 11:03 a.m.

I know people that this guy scammed. He did a lot of damage. He is seriously crazy and he really needs to be in the loony bin for a good long time. Does California have still have a loony bin?

On Steven Kunes Admits to Forging Checks and Scamming Friend

Posted on November 30 at 10:09 a.m.

@jtailor...hmmm well..I will consider sound pretty "merry" yourself.

On A Descendant: The Journey Of A TBI Caregiver

Posted on August 8 at 6:51 p.m.

Just want to say thanks fo those of you who emailed me after back surgery. I am on the mend and always appreciate kind words from the "Spit-Heads".

On You're Right! Fiesta Did NOT Suck!

Posted on August 8 at 1 p.m.

Easy kids. Man- we do like to jump on a wagon now don't we.
I have to agree with the author. We live on Figueroa St (near the Indy offices) and I too have been a massive hater. People throwing up on our lawn..sleeping in our bushes (yes I said SLEEPING in our bushes...and other things)
But this year...I don't know.
Call it nostalgia.
On Friday morning I was driving down State St and I was overcome with a sense of urgency. I hurried back to my has and grabbed two camping chairs, a Mexican blanket, some twine,a few sheets of blank paper, a Sharpee and some street chalk. I quickly scanned State St and the best spot ws in front of Sak's 5th Ave (3 blocks from my house) I pulled up, jumped out of the car and nailed a spot down. I was a bit concerned about our blanket, so I used thin metal wire to secure it to the chairs. This was at about 7 a.m. I thne woke my son up for Cross Country practice and fed him breakfast. I had a rental car until noon that day because my car was in the shop. Then the weirdest thing happened...I was on the phone with my 89 year old Dad and he said he wanted to go to the which I proclaimed..."I have a great spot...can you get your helper deliver you to a spot in front of Sak' has our name on it." He said yes and we were off. At 11:30 I picked up my son at Shoreline Park after practice and delivered him to the same spot and while returned the rental car, my son met with my Dad and his helper. Dad is in a wheelchair and had marked the spot "handicap" with the street be contunues at "The Sober Spitbath"

On Why Fiesta Doesn't Suck

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