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Posted on July 18 at 6:13 p.m.

wow .. just even a little bit of context here would do everyone a lot of good.

Israeli civilians and school children are being targeted and bombarded by Hamas which places all of its rocket launchers, artillery, and command and control sites, etc. inside schools, mosques, and apartment buildings. - carefully read that sentence again - . So if Israel fires back to stop the massacre of its people, innocent Palestinians will be killed.

Before Israel fires back to take out these weapons targeted at its own innocent civilians, they take precautions to preserve Palestinian life. People are warned to evacuate the building and get to safety. All landlines and cell phones associated with anybody in a building are called, and text messages are even sent. These precautions are taken so there is a minimum loss of life. Israel even shoots dud bombs which contain no explosives on top of targeted buildings to make certain people get the warning and get out.

Then, Israel does indeed use "the most advanced weapons in the world," — — to target military targets, as opposed to the indiscriminate bombing and shelling of school children as done to those in Israel. Finally, the Iron Dome technology intercepts all the rockets and artillery aimed at civilian areas before the Hamas weoponry can do harm.

On Jews Against the War

Posted on May 25 at 1:55 p.m.

To Eastbeach: They all agreed to to it because they thought CalTrans was on the level with them. They weren't.

People who had experience building highways and major technical projects began to compare notes on this and saw that things were not adding up as Caltrans described.

They asked Caltrans for the as-built plans and realized it was not as described by Caltrans: it was going to have long ENORMOUS impacts.

This is what spawned the Alternative plan.

Geeber is right-on. Caltrans is repeatedly on record as a monolithic bureaucratic agency which does not have to answer to anyone. do not lay down and let Caltrans pave us over to smithereens, we can do better in a smarter fashion.

On Montecitans Pull Rank on Caltrans

Posted on February 27 at 4:58 p.m.

We need the third lane. and once it is built then we can have a citizen uprising to decide whether we need it exclusively for an HOV lane (for three miles or whatever? - - hardly worth it). That's not the issue.

The real complaint is: should we just lie down and allow Caltrans to bulldoze us over with LA-style mega-construction overbuild that will tie things up 5 years for us commuters? These guys in the coalition have a simpler solution. it's quicker. it's easier.
I'm all for it.

On Montecitans Pull Rank on Caltrans

Posted on February 22 at 6:25 p.m.

I have commuted for years from Carpinteria, so I would like to speak to this.

Here is the deal. A third lane is going to be added to the freeway no matter what and it will cause disruption while it is being built. Period.

The Caltrans design is projected to take nearly 5 YEARS. That’s assuming no delays.

The CCAP Plan (community coalition Alternative Plan) that Pullice is behind would take 2 YEARS. Even if Pullice – who has spent his life building freeways – is off on his schedule, you know it will still take less time than Caltrans. So what is the down side to that? For us “little guys” who commute, this is huge.

I do not live in Montecito, but attended the forum they had on this, and thought everything they said just makes common sense. The Caltrans design does not address current safety concerns where they have jammed in the HOV lane.. Also driving in from Carpinteria, I really look forward to the views as I approach Montecito, especially Fernald Point area. Caltrans will pretty much obliterate that area with 15 foot wall of concrete. It does not matter where you live, who in the world would find that preferable?

I totally agree that we should just leave the left ramps – it’s just us locals who use them and they are not a problem for us. In this manner the third lane can be added on the outside which is what makes this alternative project easier, faster, safer, and less expensive.

On Montecitans Pull Rank on Caltrans

Posted on February 21 at 7:47 p.m.

these ramps are basically just used by locals in SB, which is why they really are not a problem. Caltrans own data shows that the accident rate on the left lane ramps is less than the SB right lane ramps.

On Do you like Montecito's left-hand freeway exits?

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