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Posted on December 15 at 11:31 p.m.

So here's the deal:

This guy Don Katich is not telling the full truth. I know of people (yes more than one) that were directly involved with ONLY the News-Press product and they got canned as well. So this whole story about the people that got let go is to make the News-Press better is not fully true since vital people that made the News-press product good in some way are now gone as well. The News-Press is losing lots of money on classified advertising and they needed cuts because they simply did not have the funding to keep people that they currently had. Exactly how much they are losing yearly is not for me to say but is definitely in the 6 figures mark. That's a lot of salary that they needed to cut. I have to agree with some people that have left along with me though. It's been freeing to be out of the News-Press. They were always monitoring everything that anyone did or said. I remember someone I know getting in trouble because they had written their own opinion on the blog and that opinion was not the opinion of the owner. Haha... freedom in the News-Press was definitely not given. The freedom to think outside the box was, but only as long as it was still within the owner's box :)

I also look at the "big" Santa Barbara News-Press web site and how it compares to the web site. Man the independent makes the News-Press seem that the independent is the big dog in town. The News-Press should be the most technologically advanced media in town, but there's no technological progression there. Right now the News-Press is the only paper in the country.... wait wait... let that sink in for a sec.... in the country that has a paid program for their online news. Unbelievable.

I'm really not trying to hate on the News-Press. I'm not. I really do hope that they become the type of newspaper that this community can be proud of. But it needs 1 of two things: new ownership or for the current owner to get with the program and stop being so prideful. If there was an ounce of humility that came from Wendy, then I think that most of her problems would be resolved.

Just my opinion...

On <em>News-Press</em>' Don Katich Explains Lay-Offs

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