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Posted on May 17 at 7:32 p.m.

this is what i am talking about,stoopid people who just don't care. This young man in question just killed somebody because he was either under the influence of something or texting his freinds,in any case I believe that he is a LIAR , how are you going to simply not slow down at the sight of somebody crossing the street especially an elderly person (HA HA, SHAME ON YOU LIAR). They should lock this kid up and make an example of him, yeild to the pedestrian,(D.M.V.) BOOKLET LAW. THE PUNISHMENT IGNORANCE IN THE THIRD DEGREE for thinking the public buys his excuse for hitting an old man in the street with his little toy car.

On Homeless Man Killed in Traffic Accident

Posted on May 17 at 7:24 p.m.

who cares what the guy makes he's for a good cause.(selfishness never created anything good. Be glad you all have the blessings in your life you do, i.e. good health,fammily: people who love you and fullfill your days here on this earth.(others are LESS fortunate).You can't take it all with you anyway(money).

On Give to Shelters, Not Panhandlers

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