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Posted on September 17 at 1:30 p.m.

Well said easternpacific. Tammany Hall comes to Santa Barbara in the guise of the traffic department. The mini roundabout in the middle of Garden is a prime example of the ridiculous lengths to which they will go to justify their need for bigger and bigger budgets. It is ironic that this debate rages even as the City assaults the police department. People need to drive slower on Anacapa, Santa Barbara, and Garden (among other streets). What we need is more police presence and more speeding tickets. That and only that will reduce speeding. I have never seen a bulbout reduce speeding. They just increase swerving and reduce driver control. I have seen one driver blow out a tire hitting a bulb out on garden. At the same time, I have never seen anyone get a speeding ticket on Anacapa, Santa Barbara, or Garden, and I drive those streets (slowly) several times every day.

On Out, Damn Bulb-Out

Posted on October 29 at 9:59 a.m.

So Greg hates cars and Bong hates the News Press. Personally, I park at De la Guerra Plaza every day for the allowed 15 minutes or less to get a Blenders, or to pick up a quick lunch at Chipolte, or to stop in at Starbucks, or to make a quick visit to the Sunglass store, or to visit any of a number of other businesses in that vicinity. The loss of that ability will definitely impact the amount of patronage I give those businesses. I am sure that is true for a lot of people. I have talked to owners of those businesses and they also oppose the elimination of parking in the Plaza. I am a part-time pedestrian and a part-time driver. I do not read the News Press and cancelled my subscription. But, as Rodney said, can't we all just get along? I'm really sick of all the intolerance in this community for other people's points of view. In fact I won't tolerate it any longer.

On Santa Barbara and <em>News-Press</em> Ownership Settle Lawsuit

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