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Posted on July 30 at 9:42 a.m.

It's possible that Horsewangled is ignorant, naieve, or perhaps just plain stupid, but his/her accusations are pretty far out. The train was very likely not without brakes or exceeding speed limits. Since it's a passenger train, there's no point to exceeding the limit. It can't leave the next station until the schedule says it can, so there's no point in hurrying to the next station.

A train, even a short passenger train, weighs several hundred tons and cannot stop very quickly. Because of its weight, air bags on the front are not going to soften any impact. You're just as dead getting hit by a train at 70 as at 40. If you've seen a locomotive lately, they've got lots of lights to alert people. Many grade crossings do not have protection, but there's no info from the story that this person wasn't just walking down the tracks -- trespassing on privately owned property.

Trains obey the laws of physics, so not being on the track will keep you from being run down.

OL is right: stop, look, listen! The railroads don't have to build anything, the taxpayers don't have to build anything.

Even Horsewangled should be able to figure that out!

On Woman Killed by Train in Montecito

Posted on May 2 at 7:27 p.m.

While DarNel sees non cost benefits for building the highway wider, but doesnot for rail, the real issue may be that widening the highway will make it smaller in the short run, with corresponding road delays and increased environmental damage. In the long run, increased capacity will lead to increased dtraffic. If it were not so, you'd not be in the situation you are.

But what happens after liquid fuel becomes $5 or $6 a gallon? The rich will drive, of course. But the people who do the work in the County (who can't afford to live in the County now) will either demand higher wages or stop working as there are no alternatives.

When the voters passed Prop 1B, they expected that 2% of the money would go towards improving intercity rail. If the bond is not bait and switch, then we need to get going on improving public transportation.

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