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Posted on February 4 at 3:14 p.m.

DiCaprio's award wasn't rescinded, he pulled out because he's a petulant baby pouting that he didn't get an Oscar nom and is taking an "indefinite break from acting". Wah wahhh.

I don't think anyone wants Durling fired, he is clearly great behind the scenes and he has done wonderful things for the festival. I don't even begrudge him the opportunity to do an interview, if he really loves that part of it. But he should NOT be entrusted with huge events like Jennifer Lawrence's tribute, he should only be permitted to handle smaller, less visible ones at the Lobero. If he can't handle being told that interviewing and public speaking is not his strong suit, that's his own problem. The board of directors needs to do their job for the good of the festival and stop allowing him to ruin events. I would hope the festival has enough good will at this point to do fine without him should he choose to move on at any point.

I hope Jennifer Lawrence or her publicist complained about Saturday, that was just so incredibly horrifying. I had looked forward to it for MONTHS and I was so disappointed.

I blogged about it here:

On Jennifer Lawrence’s Awkward Conversation

Posted on February 4 at 8:19 a.m.

My favorite "wtf" moment was when Durling misinterpreted one of Jennifer's awkward "...thank you?"s after a long ramble and said, "You know, I get really uncomfortable with compliments too." Every single person in my area just burst out laughing.

On Jennifer Lawrence’s Awkward Conversation

Posted on February 3 at 9:02 p.m.

The second they announced who the moderator would be for the event my heart dropped and I knew what a disaster we were in for, and yet it was even worse than I could have imagined. If only they had brought back Dave Karger from the Virtuoso Awards on Tuesday night, we would have had an evening full of laughter and amazing anecdotes, but no. We were left with Roger Durling, who can't ask a good question to save his life, or bother to do more than 10 minutes of Google research. He should be ashamed of himself, and the board of the festival should be ashamed that they let him do this year after year. I feel so bad that Jennifer Lawrence had to endure that awkwardness, she is such a charismatic and hilarious woman and he stifled that with his self-serving rambles and inarticulate blathering. I agree with previous comments, I doubt Jennifer left with a very good impression of Santa Barbara and she will probably never come back, and that is such a shame. Every single person was saying the same thing as we left the theater, and I hope something changes next year.

On Jennifer Lawrence’s Awkward Conversation

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