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Posted on November 4 at 7:52 a.m.

Hi Anemonefish, I'm not privy to all the inside information, but I can assure you that KDB certainly did get the word out as much as they could about the need for more listener/community financial support. Anyone listening during a pledge drive would be hard-pressed not to get the message quite clearly. And other avenues, such as direct mail, were employed as well.

I don't think it was a secret that it was never the plan that the SBF would subsidize KDB's operations indefinitely. They had a multi-year plan to keep KDB on its feet while they tried to attract and retain a sustainable audience, but sadly that didn't happen. Personally I though the plan's timeline was maybe a little ambitious, but considering the economic and political climate I didn't think it was wildly unreasonable or anything.

Certainly I thought the SBF was quite generous in paying enough to allow KDB to put a lot of resources into a station that had virtually no resources put into it for many years before SBF acquired it. Nobody can claim that the SBF didn't give KDB an honest chance.

I also give the SBF a LOT of credit for publicly stating that they'll provide a financial incentive to a buyer willing to maintain the format. That's pretty unusual in the radio biz, especially for a license in the commercial band. It's also another reason I have hope...slim hope, but hope nonetheless...that a buyer might actually do that, despite the competition from KUSC Classical's repeater on 88.7FM.

I also think it's a nice nod that the SBF has stated that funds from the sale of the station will be used to support classical music in other ways. While that's obviously good politics, they didn't HAVE to commit to that.

Granted, it's still a huge bummer. I know Tim, Steve, and Karen personally and I like all of them quite a lot. They, and I'm sure everyone else who works there, are all consummate professionals who gave it their best to make KDB work.

And yeah, it feels more than a little disgusting that a community as wealthy as SB can't support something like KDB but I know that's just a visceral emotional reaction; the reality of broadcast fundraising is nowhere near that simple.

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