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Posted on September 22 at 4:13 p.m.

No mention of Ben Harper? He played a pretty damn good set.

On Third Time's the Charm for West Beach

Posted on May 7 at 10:07 a.m.

Great article! I agree that the Pardall and El Colegio improvements is a good start for improving IV.

On Defending Isla Vista's Facelift

Posted on May 7 at 8:50 a.m.

First off, let me me say that I am not a fan of another Floatopia because of the enviromental impact but... are you kidding me?? $50,000 in emergency services? They should take that out of Olmstead's salary, he is way over-exaggerating! The FB event was cancelled weeks ago, threatening letters have been sent out to the students, there are dozens of anti-floatopia STUDENT groups, an alcohol ban... pretty sure there will be much much less people this weekend. I'm sure the few deputies that are normally on hand can take care of it. Unless of course they are going to focus on writing tickets again instead of actually keeping people safe like last floatopia. Or maybe the other 35 or so deputies that weren't on the beach last time are just jealous they didn't get to watch thousands of girls running around in bikinis.

On I.V. Beach Booze Ban

Posted on April 9 at 1:19 p.m.

I was out there on Saturday and there were definitely a few things that should change.

First off, the police should focus less attention on writing 60+ MIP tickets, and more on catching the people throwing glass bottles and other objects at people below. I did see in the Nexus blotter that they did catch someone throwing a bike (an f'n bike!) off the cliff. Imagine if that had hit someone. It wouldn't be hard to do, have some cops watching on the beach, and radio to a team up top. My roomate was hit in the head by an empty Skky bottle, he was Ok, but it could have seriously injured him.

Second, find some way to make it illegal to climb the cliffs. I'm no legal expert but I'm sure you could find some law relating to damaging the cliffs, which should be left alone in the first place because of errosion. This could be enforced as well along with point number 1.

Third, ban glass on the beach! Broken glass + thousands of people walking around barefoot is not a good combination. Plus with all the urine and god knows what from the people floating who knows what kind of infections you could catch. Even if it's not a law, just a large sign at the beach entrance should help prevent at least some of it.

Also, a few lifeguards on the 3 or 4 busy Saturdays during spring quarter would probably be an excellent idea and would probably pay for itself allowing people to get help on site, rather than costly search and rescue crews. Not to mention try and prevent people from drowning.

Kudos to everyone helping clean up on Sunday morning. I helped out for a bit but I know some people were there all day. I'm shocked at how many cans were still around knowing how vigilant the IV can collectors are. Hopefully next time around people will be a little more educated about trashing the beach.

On Isla Vista's Floatopia Fiasco

Posted on July 8 at 11:10 a.m.

The day I.V. stops partying is the day the terrorists have won.

While a few bottle rockets were probably not going to light the town on fire, I'm glad to see students didn't react to the blackout by burning couches en-mass as what happened during an outage 2 years ago when I lived there.

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