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Posted on October 27 at 6:10 p.m.

For almost 15 years, I have attended almost every single meeting convened by the Board of Directors of the Montecito Fire District, I can tell you several things. The first of which, I don' believe that Mr. Brantingham has never attended any of them. (Until recently, very few people have ever attended these meetings.) Prior to submitting his application as a Board candidate, I believe that the only experience Mr. Sinser had at MFD Board Meetings, was to object to the Station 3 project which is planned to be constructed across the street from his residence. In MY experience, I believe their descriptions of Mr. Jensen's tenure on the board are untrue.

The Board has almost ALWAYS voted unanimously on the decisions put before them. I can only think of only a few circumstances in which this was not the case.

One such instance being Director Newquist's suggestion last year, that the Board consider becoming a Community Services District so that Fire District funds could also be used to manage Manning Park, and Firefighters in essence add "park ranger" to their job descriptions. Director Jensen and Director Venable did not support this idea, and it was dropped (for the time being). This may be back on the table depending on who gets elected, based on comments made by several of the candidates at the forum held on September 24, 2012.

However, for Mr. Brantingham to imply that Director Jensen "usually gets his way" is misleading and untrue. There has been general consensus for the decisions made by ALL THREE directors - and it has never been dictated by any one Director in particular. Mr. Brantingham is right about one thing though - Montecito politics are definitely heating up. We'll see what the voters want at the end of the day on 11/6/2012.

Please note, this is not an effort endorse or denounce any of the candidates; it is my hope the community does their own homework before they vote, but I do feel that some clarification on this article was in order.

Sincerely - Geri Ventura

On Montecito’s Politics Are on Fire

Posted on January 27 at 9:41 a.m.

Was looking forward to visiting my kiddos who are both in Portlandia, and have been checking Alaska Air for these $99 fares since this announcement came out. Sadly, the cheapest they show is $160 each way. Like the non stop flight, but I'd like the $99 price to go with it! I hate it when they tease us like that. There were probably 1 or 2 seats per flight at that price...

On Nonstop Flights from Santa Barbara to Portland

Posted on November 1 at 8:30 a.m.

Montecito Fire District's AM Radio Station has changed and is now 1610AM.

On Disaster Readiness Tips Aimed at Santa Barbara County Residents

Posted on November 14 at 2:40 p.m.

The owner's church of choice should not be a make or break decision on whether or not you choose their bakery - that is, unless they have preached to you or forced their beliefs down your throat when you are trying to decide which yummy treat to select.

I sincerely doubt this has ever happened - certainly not when I've had conversations with them.

I can attest - I eat Whodidily cupcakes more frequently than I care to admit, and they are by far the best around. Both the cupcakes, and Wendy and Dave! Good luck on the Food Network - my fingers are crossed for you!

On A Closer Look at Whodidily

Posted on December 12 at 4:12 p.m.

Gotta Love this:

Prop 8 the Musical

On None

Posted on December 11 at 8:42 p.m.

Oh Jeezus! This argument will never be settled when you are dealing with such blind followers who pick and choose what they want to believe (enforce - choose to make laws about) and what they don't from the book they base their lives on - and seem to now be able to force down others.

These bozo know it alls who claim gays with civil unions have the same rights as those who are married full of crap. Do a little research - you will find they are very wrong.

If I - as a married straight woman - am given FEDERAL benefits because I have a "marriage" blessed by the government - so too should any committed gay couple who choose to marry.

I did not marry to procreate. Besides the fact that I love my husband, the main reason we got married was to share benefits that were not available any other way. We in no way needed this stupid piece of paper called a marriage license to confirm our commitment to each other, nor did it have anything to do with any sort of religious commitment. It gives us benefits. Plain and simple. Benefits benefits benefits....

Inheritances are FULLY taxed federally to those with civil unions - not so for those lucky enough to qualify for a marriage. My husband can inherit it all without being taxed by the feds...Not so for my gay friends.

Federal taxes must be filed separately for those with civil unions - not so if you have a marriage license. We have the choice of filing jointly OR separately - whichever way benefits us the most. Not an option if you are gay.

Social Security, retirements and veteran benefit payments are provided to married couples upon the death of a spouse - - not so with civil unions - they get nothing.

Any rights that are guaranteed in states that offer civil unions are not recognized outside of that particular state (except New York). Get in an accident in Utah, and those with civil unions forfeit their rights to "blood" relatives - who may or may not be accepting of their relationships. (How would you like your in-laws leaving you out of decisions regarding your spouse?)

These are just a few of the benefits they don't get with civil unions.

Hope you religious preachers aren't eating shrimp or other non-finned crustaceans! Don't wear linen or cotton together either...Let's take your rights away for committing such blasphemy...sounds ridiculous huh? It's in your Bible...right in the same chapter calling homosexuality the same thing...BLASPHEMY...It's OK for you to sin and eat what you want, wear what you want...but don't outlaw it. That might violate someone's rights...

Our state OR our COUNTRY have no right to make laws that prohibit one group of American citizens from receiving benefits offered to another group of American citizens. REGARDLESS if it's the vote of the people. The people in some southern states might still vote to make it illegal for a black man to marry a white woman. Is that the right thing to do even if the majority thinks so?

No on Prop H8TE forever.

On None

Posted on November 5 at 5:34 a.m.

This is not an issue that I can "agree to disagree" on.

I am deeply saddened that what I once thought of as the great state of California - appears to have voted to write in bigoted discrimination into our state constitution.

I never would have imagined that people (friends, coworkers and acquaintances) I once respected and admired - vehemently supported this amendment. My opinions of these people have changed forever.

We despise Al Queda and the Taliban for imposing their religious beliefs on their people and the world - yet we are doing the same in our own country.

I understand that this is an EXTREME comparison, and we are not killing those who disagree with Christian beliefs (except for those who bomb abortion clinics...but they don't count, they are extremists). The Taliban's discrimination against woman (based on their religious beliefs) is abhorred by Americans...our own (religiously based) discrimination against our gay community is acceptable.

Do any of these Pro - Prop Hate (Prop 8) folks think it would be OK if we no longer allow THEIR social security and veteran's benefits be passed on to their spouses?

How about if their inlaws didn't like them? How would they (Prop Hate Supporters) like to be required to hire and pay for an attorney to spell out and guarantee their right to make decisions for their incompetent or disabled husband or wife. No need with a marriage license.

Would these Pro- Prop Hate straight married couples agree to be taxed on transfers and gifts to each other? How about inheritance? Married straight couples are guaranteed to inherit their spouse's estate without a will and are not required to spend a dime to make it happen it's automatic. No attorney necessary.

Let's tax straight married couple's inheritance that is passed on to their spouses. That's what gay couples are subject to. (Inheritance's to spouses of straight "marriages" are not taxed at the federal level "civil unions" are.)

While being married hasn't helped my tax status, filing jointly CAN reduce taxes for some. Let's just take that away from straight couples too. Gay couples cannot file federal tax returns jointly.

So DON'T tell me this isn't discrimination. Giving straight couples specific FEDERAL benefits and denying them to gay couples is discrimination. Civil Union ARE NOT THE SAME as marriage, and are not recognized outside our state.

Just pray for forgiveness and you Prop Hate Supporters will all be OK. Forget how you have judged, hurt and discriminated against so many of God's children. He'll forgive you. They may still be deprived of the benefits YOU have, but you'll be forgiven.

And to the woman who asked me in Ralph's if anchovies are considered shell fish, no dear,I am pretty sure they have fins and scales; you can eat them all you want and not go to hell. But heck, go ahead and have some shrimp have some lobster too. If you ask, you'll be forgiven. God's good that way.

On Eyes on Prop 8

Posted on May 11 at 5:46 p.m.

WOW - If you haven't seen it yet, you are remiss!

This is definitely one of the BEST shows in the three years that I've been coming to SBHS Theater productions. WAY KUDOS to Otto Layman, the Amazing Cast and Crew, the band, the set designers, the costumers, and all other supporting characters that have made this magical show happen.

All I can say is that I am FLOORED by this show and proud to recommend it to anyone and everyone! No matter how big or small their role is, everyone is working together like a well oiled machine! This is NOT your ordinary high school musical!

It will make you laugh - it will make you cry!

I even overheard one patron at the Sunday Matinee say that she saw Beauty and the Beast in New York on BROADWAY, and thought THIS production was better! (And this wasn't even a relative of anyone involved the production!)

If that doesn't say it all, I don't know what does.

See it once, see it twice, see it over and over!

This adaptation is only around for one more week!! You don't want to be the one who missed it! The past three performances have been near sell out shows!! Including a special Mother's Day Matinee today. Don't miss it!

Ticket Prices -- $7/$10/$20/$75 (Closing night)
Phone Number for Tickets -- (805)966-9101 x220
Website for Tickets

NOTE: The Website is preferred and RECOMMENDED method for ticket purchase - print at home and avoid the lines at the box office!! Lines are long the night of the show.

Hope to see you there!!

Geri Ventura
Mom to "the Baker" and "the Beast's Chair"

On 5 Reasons to See Beauty and the Beast at SBHS

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