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Posted on August 10 at 5:50 p.m.

What a great, positive story. This is why I love Santa Barbara - the City and its partners are working to improve our City by bringing back the steelhead and restoring creeks. Thank you City and EDC - keep up the good work!

On Steelhead Trout Recovery Project Bigger Than Ever

Posted on May 13 at 2:22 p.m.

Janet Wolf has always been very accessible and she listens to people.

Secord is not accessible, and votes against protecting Santa Barbara's beautiful coast. As a coastal commissioner, Secord - a long time politician - has one of the worst voting records. He frequently votes to lessen protection of California's coastline.

Wolf stands up for residents. She has continuously and strongly supported rent control in County mobile home parks.

Secord is a threat to rent control in mobile home parks.

Please join me in voting for Wolf.

On The Last-Minute Race

Posted on May 13 at 2:07 p.m.

The County's new plan to move the sewer line at Goleta Beach Park further inland and out of the erosion hazard zone is a great idea.

The Goleta Beach 2.0 Project will help avoid future sewage spills on the beach if it moves the sewer line further inland and out of harms way.

The sewer line should be moved inland all the way to Highway 217 so that it will be protected from future coastal erosion ... and to lessen the threat of sewage spills at Goleta Beach.

On Sewage Spill at Goleta Beach

Posted on May 10 at 6:34 p.m.

EDC's plan would end drilling from 4 platforms off the coast. It is all about ending drilling. EDC has worked for decades to stop new drilling and get rid of existing platforms. This deal includes a first ever end date that would require shutting down the 4 existing drilling rigs. No new drilling rigs would be installed. Without this deal, through improvements in slant drilling technology, a larger offshore reserve sitting nearby will one day be tapped. Only by getting end dates can we avoid the 4 platforms pumping for decades, aging, corroding and increasing the risk of oil spills.

Thank you to EDC, Get Oil Out and Citizen Planning Association - this area's groups that truly want to stop and get rid of oil development.

Did EDC get paid for its work to oppose offshore oil development and seek ways to eliminate existing drill rigs and the risk of spill they pose every day? Good. EDC deserves to get paid for its work to protect our air, oceans and coastlines - and nobody does it better. I'm sending my check in today.

On Governor Waffles on Oil Drilling Support

Posted on May 10 at 6:22 p.m.

Carpinteria Valley Association
Los Padres Sierra Club
Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition

On Give a Little

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