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Posted on July 10 at 11:21 a.m.

Sales taxes are paid by the consumer. If Mr. Connell buys food for resale, he does not pay sales tax but collects it from me, the consumer and remits it to the state. I would be willing to pay the same sales tax for his food that I would pay any other food vendor. Perhaps there is another reason why he doesn't want to collect and pay over the sales tax - the paperwork?

On Hot Dog Man Relishes Victory

Posted on March 5 at 12:46 p.m.

Have you ever seen a pedrestrian step right in front of your car and there is no way that you could stop in time? It happens all the time and yes, it's done by the sherriff's employees during these stings. I watched one of these being videotaped several years ago and to watch the pedrestrians walk right in front of traffic was ludicrous. Just asking for it. Wait a few seconds to cross to be sure it's clear. And yes, I have been nearly hit by speeding vehicles while in the middle of the crosswalk - once by a deputy who didn't see me. There's plenty of blame to spread around. Running these stings doesn't do a bit of good. There are better uses of precious resources.

On Stay Between the Lines - or Get a Ticket

Posted on December 26 at 3:28 p.m.

Hello Chumash - Buy the property with your casino profits if it is so important to you. Instead we have lawyers filing lawsuits to line their own pockets and draining resources from the City residents. Knock this nonsense off.

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