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Posted on April 30 at 5:06 p.m.

eddie mesa is in the marine corps, what a disgrace he is.

On Four Men Arrested for Mesa Stabbing: UPDATED

Posted on March 29 at 12:16 p.m.

The company contracted to complete the work uses a machine called a masticator which resembles an excavator but instead of a hydraulic bucket it has a blade that acts like a huge lawnmower. This type of machine should not be operated in SB during the summer due to issues related to fires.

This community needs to reach a compromise on what is more important, the birds or all the peoples homes in the foothills. My family lives on a ranch in the front country and personally would like to see this fuel break completed so as to prevent events such as the Gap, Tea and Jesusita Fire.

Forestwatch, instead of issuing this Notice of Intent, why haven't you considered negotiating with the Forest Service on a suitable time to complete the fuelbreak. Litigation should be the last resort and frankly the Forest Service has a little more on their plate than your little organization. Throw them a bone and work with them instead of playing the blame game. Lets provide some solutions instead of just pointing out the problems.

On Fuel Break Squabble

Posted on March 1 at 11:14 a.m.

thanks for the lesson tabatha, ill be sure to keep that in mind. i apologize for generalizing Santa Barbarians as left leaning hippies but in reality my presumption is not far off and if you disagree with this then you are grossly delusional. Methinks my studies in natural resource management have given me decent knowledge on how resource protection works. Once wilderness is established these areas cannot be actively managed and their uses are reduced significantly. Take for example the San Rafael Wilderness area which almost all completely burned during the La Brea Fire recently. Once we designate a wilderness area you cannot safely and effectively fight any kind of fire due to wilderness laws pertaining to use of mechanical equipment. This significantly reduces our ability to protect these lands for the future.

On Protecting Los Padres Wilderness — and Dirt Bikes?

Posted on March 1 at 7:30 a.m.

oh please all you left leaning hippies need to grow up and realize there are more people in this world than just you. If you care about erosion so much look at all the land cleared in California for vineyards, you wanna talk about erosion put down that glass of wine. Do not be so narrow minded, there are other folks that enjoy using our National Forests too and not all of them would agree.

On Protecting Los Padres Wilderness — and Dirt Bikes?

Posted on February 12 at 2:56 p.m.

If you locals have lived here for the past "50 years" you would have had the opportunity to voice your displeasure about the direction development was going in to the board of supervisors. The California Environmental Quality Act guides development and allows time for PUBLIC REVIEW so that development is done so in a responsible manner. CEQA is enforced by the PUBLIC through LITIGATION. Sorry but this world is run by those who show up. If you care about development then get involved in the environmental review process, don't whine about things when you could have made a difference.

On What Was Bacara’s Dworman <em>Thinking?</em>

Posted on February 11 at 3:43 p.m.

haha agenda? please. i was simply stating facts that prove the locals complaining about limited access are full of garbage. the access available now is better than it ever was previously. i have been going to haskells since it had a dirt parking lot and frankly the access to the beach is much more safe and easier than before. if you think closing the fire lane to any beach going traffic is limiting access than you should probably take that up with the fire marshal.

On What Was Bacara’s Dworman <em>Thinking?</em>

Posted on February 10 at 3:12 p.m.

Hahah good article Barney, very informative. this article is awful

to all you locals complaining about limited access to the beach, the parking lot that exists now is just as big if not bigger than the dirt parking lot that was there prior to any development. furthermore, the gravel road that goes out to the beach that all the dirty local beach bums used to hang out on is closed because its a fire lane. who cares if a resort doesn't want to "reach out to the community" you ever hear about the super 8 trying to reach out to the community, dumb locals are just mad because they can't just drive their car out to the very edge of the beach anymore, first world problems.

On What Was Bacara’s Dworman <em>Thinking?</em>

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