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Posted on September 23 at 9:46 a.m.

Here we go...

Some random incident occurs, we're not told what but we're told to be scared. All of the sudden every random person you encouter today is out to get you.

Put on your headphones, stare into your iPhone, keep walking straight ahead and remember nobody is safe.

So much for peace on earth.

On City College Student Sexually Assaulted

Posted on August 14 at 10:34 a.m.

Police Story Paraphrased - "Yeah, I saw this guy getting the crap beat out of him, not by us of course, so I shot him with a Taser at close range". (Wow! He said that!) "Because he didn't have an official uniform on identifying himself as a guy who should not be Tasered, I tased him anyway."

Do we blame alcohol? Do we blame Fiesta organizers? Do we blame city administrators for condoning Fiesta and allowing it all to happen? When is the last time Fiesta has changed to expand and improve upon safety and freedom? Every response thus far is the backward solution of adding more strong-armed police "security".

I know this; BIG cities such as Chicago have street festivals ALL SUMMER LONG. They've got to squeeze a lot of parties into a 12 week summer you know. And they DO NOT have gangs of Thug-Cops patrolling the "fun" looking for a fight to start. You'd be lucky to find a cop at one of these festivals. And guess what? Fights are RARE! These "apes" we call cops are purposefully trained to punch, Tase and beat down assailants and ask questions after the fact in the name of "safety". We can't blame them. We can't, therefore, expect otherwise. We are training them to be brutal and violent.... So here we are... again.

So lets put an end to Fiesta. Let's admit it! Let's end the tax revenue stream and call a spade a spade. Let's face that the Fiesta Organizing committee is a failure and does nothing beyond gloat and glad-hand each other.

Sadly, because Bendy is involved, this will end in a payoff and get swept under. However, I'd hope Skye gets the best lawyers possible and takes whats left of the underfunded budget left in city coffers.

On Tased and Confused

Posted on April 4 at 9:18 a.m.

How did this thing get named Coronado Butterfly preserve? Talk about greedy people. You can name it after our street but in No Way do we want you parking on our street! It's our preserve! I'd like to remind everyone living in Ellwood that if you'd like to "Preserve" everything, you might want to start by bringing in a demolishion crew to take out all the houses you live in. Does it occur to you that you live on the same land? Probably not, that's what selfish exisitance does to people. You may want to remember that eucapyptus gum trees are an imported pest brought in by Hollister as a crop to produce lumber with to build the wharf and oil piers. It failed and the lame trees should have gone with him. Bonus side effect? Butterfly's. Deal with it.

On Butterflies and Parking Problems

Posted on September 22 at 3:06 p.m.

I was at this plankathon and was happy to see many participants from several organizations, all raising money for a great cause. I'm sorry to see that this article chooses not to mention these other groups, being that UCSB represented only about 15% of all participants.

Everyone there was truly fired up for participating and the goal was to reach 3 minutes in a sustained plank. That's pretty tough to do for sure! Yet right before we started, we were all given pretty strict instructions on how to officially hold a plank. Things such as "hands must be parallel and not clasped" and "body must be as straight as a plank", hence the name. Because it was a group effort, we all assumed it was imperative to cooperate with the rules to make it official.

Unfortunately though, many of us came away discouraged as we finished off and glanced over at some of the UCSB kids as they had chosen to bend, lean, arch, clasp hands and basically change the event from "plank" to "rounded bridge".

Yeah, it was for a good cause and it seems petty to care about such things. But people were bothered by it and it was a competition afterall to see who could hold the longest plank. (As the article certainly points out.)

I guess it just seemed that because UCSB is a team and actually had their coaches available, that they might better exemplify heightened moral character simply BECAUSE it was for charity and not because they were trying to reach an hour by bending the rules.

Next time guys, it'd be nice to see some real planking, not a bunch of downward dogs.

On Olympic Hero Plank-athon

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