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Posted on March 19 at 7:18 p.m.

The parking lot fills up a few times every year, I was told the number of days are growing every year. I think it's up to 30 days out of 365. Those days are holidays, Semana Nautica, volleyball tournaments, swim meets, harbor festivals, cruise ship visits (22 this summer), SBCC events and so on.

I have used the harbor for over 40 years and can remember this filling of parking spaces for that long and for the almost all the same reasons. One thing anyone will notice if you come to the harbor on those days will be the vehicles waiting in line to get in and the sign the harbor-parking department puts up “Lot Full”.

You could get rid of all those pesky boat owners and their boats by filling up the harbor and paving it over and there would still be a shortage of parking spaces on the those very same days. And yes there would still be a line waiting to get in.
It’s just like the movie “Field of Dreams” build it and they will come.

On Eliminate year-long parking passes for harbor slip-owners?

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