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Biography: posted by his royalHighness:
Nonsense Weisman lies.
I caught Bill Clinton raping my daughter Monica Raider Carreno
I snapped a picture of it,Billl Clinton raping Monica Raider,Bill Clinton called the escapees from the nut house
the, "Santa Barbara sherrifs"In 1967 the Manson family ate the mental health staff and escaped .they killed every one that knew about the crime and stole the S.B sherrifs dept.and S.B.police from the Carreno family and are still impersonating officers.Bill Clinton said," For 1/2 milllion dollars ignore this conversation.Carreno caught me raping Monica Raider get the camera from Carreno."Officer Onteveras made me break the camera because it had a picture of Bill Clinton raping Monica Raider.I got arrested anyway.In court I got put on probation.
I got a violation.They anticipated it and stuck a half inch snubby wrench in my rectum.I got put in jail on a violation.Willy Housted tied a bar of soap to a string and threw it down the hall where Tony Valney tied the wrench to the string Willy Housted jr pulled the wrench down the hall with the string and used it to remove the roof in the modual yard and escaped.He escaped and changed his name to Barrack Obama.After he escaped Bill Cllinton hired him to abduct me sept 11.911 occured because of that abduction. Bill Clinton murdered my daughter in court in my opinion .then hired his daughter Monica Lewinski to be his scape goat to take the heat off him for raping Monica Raider.In the sixties John Wane Gaci Cattracked me at Canalino school.The Manson family got arrested and ended up in the mental hospital where John W.Gaci got a frontal labatomy for what he did to me.the manson family sufocated him and they killed and ate the mental health staff and escaped.After they escaped they stole an abomb and used it to become president John F kenedy,Jimmy Carter,Gerald Ford Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon.They attacked Carpinteria with an atomic missle in oct 1969.that missle hit the Carpinteria salt marsh.Charley Manson III covered it up by dumping thousansd of barrels of creud oil in the Carpinteria channel to cover up a marine life holocaust.The Manson family have been the presidents since 1967 and stole my finances personally to get away with over 1/2 million counts of homicide.
p.s.Dont hate me I probably saved your life.

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