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Posted on June 13 at 7:43 p.m.

John, add Carpinteria High School's Ralph Wood ~ 1935 880 Yards 1:57.6 to the list of SB County state champions!

On ‘Silky’ Erica Schroeder Surprises with State Championship

Posted on May 26 at 10:19 p.m.

Tough to decipher the numbers here but if I understand correctly then nation wide there are 600,000 people who don’t have a place to sleep on any given night and in SB County there are 4,000 homeless on any given night.

So, based on those numbers SB County, with roughly 1/6th of 1% of the US population, is home to roughly 2/3rds of 1% of the USA's homeless. Apparently the county hosts 4 times the national average of homeless folks. Unsustainable to subsidize permanent housing at that ratio in a town where property values are very high and soaring upward every day.

On Solution to Homelessness Lies at Hand

Posted on November 13 at 2:21 p.m.

It is great to have teacher enthusiasm and administrative initiative.
That being said, schedule changes will not in themselves improve student performance.

Nothing in the schedules is new. 90 minute blocks, peer tutoring sessions, tutorial periods, extended learning (study halls in old-timey parlance) have all been used extensively in lots of places and for a long time

Motivating and remediating D/F students will still take intensive work over a long haul. No quick fixes are achieved by launching a highly publicized new branding.

On School Schedule Revolution

Posted on October 22 at 4:10 p.m.

Mitchum is a trust baby and not a very bright one.

On Capps Trouncing Mitchum in Campaign Dollars

Posted on September 22 at 7:54 a.m.

No. I never said Yang's salary was too low. I figure it is in the neighborhood of less than a half of 1 percent of the UCSB total payroll. I'm asking how much an exec at that level of responsibilty ought to be paid. And by the way if you think Yang's job is akin to being a school principal you are way wrong.

On Chancellor Gets a Raise

Posted on September 21 at 10:55 p.m.

I don't work at UCSB so I ain't whining.
And I am a tax payer, like Jarvis and everyone else reading this.
Jarvis asks how far would the $70K increase (which I said was way out of line in this economic climate) go toward keeping the rank and file employees at least equal with inflation - well, based on @ 9500 full and part time employees that's less than $10 bucks a year. My point is that the Chancellor ought to receive a raise similar to most of the employees he supervises.
The question Jarvis, is how much DO you think Yang ought to be paid, bearing in mind that he runs an facility that accounts for 11.6% of the economy between Rincon and Gaviota with a payroll of nearly $300 million annually.
If his salary is grossly inflated then post a reasonable number so we can get a grip on the sort of Chancellor's pay that would make YOU quit whining.

On Chancellor Gets a Raise

Posted on September 21 at 9:34 p.m.

A 20 percent pay raise for anyone in the public sector is pretty outrageous in this place and time, especially when rank and file UC employees are laboring away with wages that don't keep pace with inflation. Thus, the administrative pay increases are especially obnoxoius.

That being said, there is a lot of reckless blather here. For example, UCSF is one of the most important medical schools and research hospitals in the world, so is the person in charge being waaaay over paid at $651,100 ? According to the Ventura Star, the CEO of our local Cottage Hospital gets a base pay of $1.3 million.

If you want examples of pay that is really out of line: The football coaches at UCLA and Berkeley get close @ $2.5 million per.

Seems like the wages of administrators (public or private) ought to be tied to the budget, physical plant, number of employees and clients. Last year there were nearly 81,000 applications to UCSB and each applicant paid $70 for the privilege to apply. That's a total of $5,670,000 from people who merely want to be considered as students. And only about 5% of those will ever attend UCSB. I'm not getting why the person who runs a huge facility that is in such demand is not entitled to a pretty hefty compensation

On Chancellor Gets a Raise

Posted on September 21 at 9:04 a.m.

Most likely the garish old Jolly Tiger sign would have fallen under the umbrella of historic architecture and if it were still there the owners would have to ask for a hearing to remove it. And the HLC would be insisting that it stay.

On Cajun Kitchen Rallies to Save 'Gator Boy'

Posted on September 18 at 9:52 a.m.

It is both the best and worst of SB that we debate such things ad nauseum.
And bizarre that the Historic Landmarks panel should make the decision. The Cajun's entire building would never pass muster as an historic design. Ironically it is right across the street from the bloated city sponsored Paseo Neuvo that in no way resembles any building in Spain nor any authentic historic structure in SB and allows display windows the size of the mural displaying entirely modern products. The downtown area is about as historic as Solvang is Danish - which is to say, not much. Save the Gator Boy!

On Cajun Kitchen Rallies to Save 'Gator Boy'

Posted on August 25 at 6:45 p.m.

khiggler's speculations, based on no knowledge at all of the circumstances of the wreck, seem out of line to me. I knew Mr. Newsam. He was an athletic, fit, tough nut of a guy, quick to voice strong opinions and even quicker with a smile and a joke. Last time I saw him he certainly gave no indication of being enfeebled or incompetent. I doubt anyone who knew him would have suggested he ought to give up driving. He was 82, and maybe age did play a part in the accident. But what's the cut-off age to disqualify a person from driving? 82, 72, 62? A lot of much younger folks have managed to drive off the road on San Marcos Pass. Probably better to forgo conjecture when you lack any specific information.

On Santa Barbara Man Crashes and Dies off Highway 154

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