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Posted on December 13 at 7:46 a.m.

Being directly involved, perhaps The Santa Barbara Independent will be less harsh and slower to accuse persons and businesses of wrong doing in the future.

I echo the words of John (above): To the family and friends of Ms. Dies, my deepest and sincerest condolences for your loss. Your loss is a truly sad, no words cannot express the depth of it. May she Rest In Peace.

On DUI Hit-and-Run Victim Dies, Suspect Charged with Murder

Posted on July 29 at 5:59 a.m.

1>No sitting on the sidewalk. Don't smoke in public. No plastic bags at the food market. A view of the new hotel from the paraglider launch.
2>It's okay to sit on the sidewalk. Sure you can smoke outside. Get your groceries bagged in reuseable plastic at Albertson's. A view of natural growth and foliage from the paraglider launch.
List #2 is normal in my view. List #1 is a result of the complaints of the few. Isn't the tax revenue from the current oil developments enough?

On Four-Star Hotel for Carpinteria Bluffs?

Posted on April 23 at 11:40 p.m.

The problem with the effort to prevent plastic bag use is in the description of the bags, 'single use'. Can we all agree that a high percentage of these bags are reused?

Four trash baskets in my condo are lined with used Albertson's bags. The emergency blanket in the back of my truck is stored in a reused plastic grocery bag. The thermos I carry back and forth to work is inside a reused plastic grocery bag.

Disabled and elderly really appreciate having the handles to carry their groceries from the store. People buy more items when they have something to carry them out in. I saw a man carrying a cooked (hot) chicken out of the Carpinteria Albertson's on his forearm like a football!

Save plastic bags. We reuse them.

On What Plastic Bag Problem?

Posted on April 19 at 2:20 a.m.

Prayers got out to the family and all associated with this series of events. We all experience ups and downs in life. I had considered killing myself at age 22. For 99% of us it is a passing thought which is part of dealing with society and pressures coming for multiple sources. Very difficult to cover all bases and ensure the safety of everyone.

On Murder-Suicide Identities and Information

Posted on October 29 at 10:38 a.m.

DUI laws have become stricter over the years. The public votes on the acceptable driver blood alcohol level. Is the number too low or too high? Whichever, it's the current law on the books.
A few times each year we read of a drinking driver barreling into a car transporting sober people. This is why blood alcohol limit for drivers is .08 at this time. My wife's friend had three sons. Two were doing okay in school and looking to find work rather than going forward with higher education. The third son was the most focused. Attending higher education and working in a Santa Barbara mall grinding keys to make a few extra bucks. He had a very sweet and loving girlfriend. I think you know where this story is going. A van load of drunk guys T boned his import car. Instantly killing him. And badly injuring his girlfriend.
Back to the case currently in question. A driver was tested above the limit and is realizing the penalty associated with it. Over 100,000 people are realizing that 3 drinks and driving is the wrong thing to do. This is how the system works.

On Kasi at the Stand

Posted on October 14 at 6:14 a.m.

Ever walk through the frozen section? All those vegetables in plastic bags. Spaghetti sauce in plastic bottles. The meat cooler alone has miles of plastic covering on hamburger. Zip lock baggies?
Maybe we should package all of these items in a dense biodegradable cardboard? No, let's make it a law that all of these items must be in cardboard.
By the way. The floor at Albertson's is made of plastic. And will eventually reach landfill. May be time to universally go to wood flooring. No, let's make it law.
See my point. Educate and offer options. Lightweight plastic carry bags for grocery use are a huge leap forward from paper bagging. It eliminates the problem of bacteria build-up. It enables elderly, weak, and partially disabled persons to easily carry food items.
Most people reuse the plastic grocery bags with convenient built in carry handles. A large percent of plastic bags are returned to the grocery store recycle bin.

On Carpinteria Bans Bad Bags

Posted on October 12 at 3:04 a.m.

I believe the politicians passed "a solution" to law before identifying the problem. My family has lived in Carpinteria for 20 years. We do most of our food shopping in town. Our kitchen cleaning closet holds about 30 plasitc bags taken from Albertson's. We use these to hold my sons books. To line our trash cans. To bundle food for work lunch. To carry a blanket or extra jacket when traveling. And several other uses. When we stock more than 30 plastic bags we grab 10 and stuff them in the convienient Albertson's recycle bin. Since Albertson's changed to bagless I have shopped there about 20 times. Never buying more then 4 items per visit. When I need to stock up on food and drink I drive to Vons. The proper legal decision is to make Carpinteria stores bag optional. Encourage shoppers to bring their own. But do not force people to change lifestye to cover for a lack of education demonstrated by a few literers.

On Carpinteria Bans Bad Bags

Posted on August 24 at 2:40 a.m.

Woman know how to get what they want. And deserve equal compensation for equal work. And deserve equal penalty for equal transgression.

On The Dirt on Flirting

Posted on March 29 at 5:31 a.m.

Are the grocery bag persons okay with handling everyone's carry in bags? Are food shoppers okay with having their food slide down a ramp where everyone's carry in bag was sitting?
I return my used plastic bags to the store recycle bin. This bring-your-bag or buy-a-bag policy sounds like a profit scam.
Perhaps Albertson's could offer percent-off discount scratch off tickets? Raising the question: Will everyone use the same coin?

On Albertsons Carpinteria Store to Host Bagless Kick-Off Event March 28

Posted on March 23 at 9:40 a.m.

Will the next detox house be on my street?

Are limits being set in place as a fail safe to shut The House down in the event a detox culture takes root on W. Fig? Or will each event be dealt with by committee?

What degree of criminal background will be welcomed into The House?

I don't live near West Figueroa Street. Although I have been to the Sportsman bar just 2 blocks toward State Street.

Best of luck with The House.

On Downtown Detox Gets Green Light

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