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Posted on January 28 at 4:12 p.m.

Think of all the hate there is in Santa Barbara
Then take a look around to the City Council
You may leave here for 4 days in space
But when you return, it's the same old place
The poundin' of the drums, the pride and disgrace
You can bury your dead, but don't leave a trace
Hate your next-door neighbor, but don't forget to say grace
And... tell me over and over and over and over again, my friend
You don't believe
We're on the eve
Of destruction
Mm, no no, you don't believe
We're on the eve
Of destruction.

Barry McGuire's version of, "'Eve of Destruction"

On <em>News-Press</em> Takes on Murillo

Posted on January 24 at 4:16 p.m.

Blue Shield has tentatively changed their decision, to allow Gracie to go to Colorado.

On Santa Barbara Teen Diagnosed with Mysterious Illness

Posted on January 4 at 11:18 a.m.

My definition of Carpetbagger is very simple - people who came to California with Exploitation in mind - that brought that Yankee Crap with them.

"I chose UCSB over other job offers for several reasons: It had the largest number of sunny days each year (having lived all my life in the East and Midwest, I was California dreaming); the department was known to be progressive and cutting-edge (after all, it had just hired SDS [Students for a Democratic Society] founder Dick Flacks, from whom I had taken a course on social movements while getting my PhD at the University of Chicago); there was lots of radical activity (the burning of Isla Vista’s Bank of America had received nationwide coverage); and — as one of my colleagues at Northwestern, where I was teaching, had put it — Santa Barbara itself was an “ecological climax,” a flowering place where everything would grow."

The death of the West was started by FDR and his water projects - true. I drove over the Colorado River last November at Blythe, it was a trickle.

Many came to California to be one with the Natural World, to walk softly and embrace what we had here, others brought the East Coast Disease of greed and screwedup ideas.

California Philosophy dealt with our place in the great scheme of things, something that got lost in Yankee Social Engineering which doesn't even understand or care about Biology 101. Many of us believe that the whole is interconnected and you can't look at just a slice of the pie, you need that whole pie.

McCaslin - are not every animal I mentioned in 1971 basically Extinct today in the Santa Barbara Channel?

If you guys are so brilliant, why is that so? If you guys are so brilliant why is the population of Santa Barbara larger than its water supply?
If you guys are so brilliant why is the water/sewer system rotting in the ground, rain water, when it happens, pouring out of pipes on the beach or why is the reclaimed water system not operational?

You have had 44 years and everything is worse than when you started, in my world that is Failure.

On Rich Appelbaum: Creating the Future

Posted on January 3 at 2:54 p.m.

I love to read these carpetbagger stories on how much they have contributed, as they lined their pockets.

Social Engineering is a Failure – plain and simple.

Lets look at 1971 and what we have lost FOREVER.

In 1971 in the Santa Barbara Channel we had a large stock of migratory Swordfish, have you ever seen a 1,000 lb. swordfish, they have eyes like a deer, such a beautiful majestic animal? Now there are none.

We had an abundance of abalone, rock scallops, lingcod, rock cod, pismo clams, blue sharks, bonito, and much much more, like the commercial, now very rare to see at all.

So much for Social Engineering (SE)! Water Diversion is SE, very bad for the natural environment.

California Liberalism the kind of education I was lucky enough to receive, revolved around Nature and our place in it, Conservation of resources was taught.

The earth is perfect, not to close and not to far from the Sun. We are connected to the Earth and all the other creatures, gee maybe someone beyond our comprehension set this in motion instead of the Ego of the ManGod.

I was lucky to spend my entire childhood outdoors, now you had to learn to listen with your body, mind and soul, know what was going on around you, no cell phones, rescue helicopters and no one knew where were. No nanny to bail you out.

Instead of the ManGod of Social Engineering, you had to become one with the world around you, the energy of life and it’s wisdom needed to flow through you.

1971, a plan to modernize the water/sewer system could have been done so as not to poison the coast.

1971, creeks could have been restored.

1971, population could have matched to the available water supply.

1971, sustainable agriculture between Gaviota and Carp could have been planned so that very little needed to be trucked in, a wonderful ecosystem.

Instead Urbanization and more Earthly boxes built for and by Carpetbaggers.

Sorry – Professor – you are a Fraud.

I am very thankful for my Liberal-Naturalist teachers, this modern SE is just underwater basket weaving.

I don't go down to the downtown cesspool either Professor, its because people like you, it became the Plastic Fantastic Circus of DismalLand by the Sea.

On Rich Appelbaum: Creating the Future

Posted on December 31 at 3:47 p.m.

Edison is a bumbling bureaucracy that has been granted Monopoly Status by the Taxpayers - it forgets who is its master.

The City Council needs to light a fire under them. Just try to talk to Edison, they have no offices, no fax line and no email, the telephone people will cut you off after a 1/2 hour conversation, just try to get a supervisor if you have a commercial account that is experiencing a problem. They make billing errors and blame you. They do their best to ignore and hide from the Customer.

Santa Barbara is an expensive city to live in. We only have slow DSL and flakey Cable for Internet along aging power grid.

An old power line actually rotted in two on the Mesa a few years ago and started a small fire in a backyard.

The Silly Council could turn up the heat on all the Monopoly providers, make deals to bring in Fiber, demand power grid update but no dice.

Our water/sewer lines are falling apart.

A City is made or sunk by its management, we need some desperately.

On Power Outages Spark Outrage

Posted on December 21 at 10:40 a.m.

I love it when all the Carpetbaggers start stabbing each other with their "Steely Knives" , welcome to the Hotel California, population 50 million here we come, there is money to be made and whats a few more acre feet of stolen water from the Santa Ynez Valley water shed, the wildlife will just have to deal with it, or some more dead coastline, we need 5,000 more kiddies at the Ivory Tower.

Santa Barbara and the whole State of California is F***ed, your expansionism will never abate.

On The Shunning of Helene Schneider

Posted on December 11 at 1:28 p.m.

I am waiting for the Non-Native Eucalyptus trees to be removed, that ought to be interesting, can't have anything non-native, can we.

On Vegetation Cleared from Douglas Preserve

Posted on December 11 at 1:24 p.m.

In our community as in most, the Chief of Police works at the pleasure of the City Council, it is a political job, have a problem with the Police then look no further than you elected representatives on the City Council. The Police function is not a rouge institution, it is controlled by the City Council, elected individuals. Your County Sheriff is elected directly by You, the Taxpayers.

Many crimes in Santa Barbara are suppressed by the City Council because the City Council does not want the Tourist Image tarnished.

Get real people, take your complaints to the people you ELECT, they are the ones responsible.

I guess that is why they no long teach High School Civics, to keep you dumbed down.

March on the State Legislature, they pass the Laws, the Police are just doing the best they can, with the screwed up mountain of laws they are given by the people YOU elect.

There is no Community left in the Police State, but there is a mountain of conflicting laws that makes all of us, accidental Felons, on a daily basis.

The Police Department did not acquire the armored car/automatic weapons without the ok from the City Council, Mayor Chicago/ Mayor New York , and friends said OK.

You are pointing the finger at the wrong people.

Want to undo the Police State, march on City Hall or the State Legislature and be very careful of who you elect into office, they are not your friends.

It is your Elected representatives that have created this mess and YOU voted for them.

How is that Progressive Nanny State working out?

On Vigil and March for Eric Garner

Posted on December 10 at 12:40 p.m.

30 gallon trash cans.

On Favorite items to collect interior roof drips...

Posted on December 10 at 12:39 p.m.

BG (before government) we did just fine. Los Angeles went through the same kind of bank run at Farmers and Merchants Bank of Los Angeles, I.W. Hellman came down from San Francisco and stacked bags of gold in the lobby of the bank to calm nerves and stop the panic.

Now all we have is funny money and no honest bankers.

On Early Banks and Banking in Santa Barbara

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