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Posted on April 4 at 8:03 a.m.

Why was a Bank Robber convicted in 2006, loose on the streets in early 2013 and able to rob again? I would think that bank robbery would have a harsher sentence.

On SWAT Arrest on Las Positas Place

Posted on April 1 at 1:42 p.m.

For the price of a dog you get an even better serving of Bill's down to earth philosophy, cheer and daily commentary. Bill is an experience and everyone should avail themselves of Bill and his tasty dogs a least once.

On Surf Dog Still Riding Carpinteria Wave

Posted on March 30 at 3:39 p.m.

The issue is complicated. I am a Conservator of a person that is not able to care for themselves.

To be a Conservator you subject yourself to the Court. We have an adversarial legal system and the Court appoints an attorney called a PVP for the prospective Conservatee. The PVP by law must advocate for the Conservatee, so even thou Conservatee is not competent the PVP must advocate for Conservatee's wishes.

It would be better if all parties worked in concert to help the Conservatee, who needs help, the adversary system does not work in this case.

Being a Conservator puts massive stress and obligations on the person willing to serve, I can certainly see why most people don't want to do it.

The Mental Health and Legal System surrounding it is outdated, needlessly complex, costly and really offers limited solutions for people that really need help.

The only way the Conservator can administer pyschotropic medications is with Court approved Dementia Powers, no other way, and hard to get.

Pyschotropic Medications are not a free lunch and have a multitude of side effects for the Conservatee. It is a real Catch-22, trying to help a person that is suffering.

Mental Health by COP seems to be the norm in Santa Barbara as evidenced by the people that have died in the last 12 months at their hands instead of being helped.

The Legal System concerning the Mentally Ill is in great need of reform, starting at the bottom and rebuilt, arresting someone and then dumping them back out on the street days later is not the solution. Doing a 5150 (72 hour hold) and not extending it to a 5250 (additional 14 day hold) because of a shortage of beds is not a solution.

I mentioned to a Social Worker, why don't you and the Doctors march on Sacramento and demand the State Legislature do something about the mess, no reply.

The California State Legislature instead of sweeping Mental Health under the rug needs to deal with and reform the system that governors people in our society that are not capable of helping themselves.

The Mentally Ill are the most descriminated against class of people in this society and I can see why most families live in denial of the issues.

On Growing Up Is Hard to Do

Posted on March 28 at 9:51 a.m.

Wild mustard is all over California, when it goes to seed each year the wind takes the seeds airborne and distributes over a very large area. Even if the entire 200 acres was magically devoid of mustard, it would back in no time.

On County Parks Re-Affirms Position

Posted on March 28 at 9:25 a.m.

"Preserve management faces huge challenges if it is to eliminate the non-native invasives there, including, mustard, radish, thistle, castor bean and other species."

Lets see "mustard" was used by the Spanish to mark trails in their colonization of Alta California beginning in 1769. So the mustard has been around for 245 years, just how is this tenacious plant going to be eradicated?

Maybe the non-native Yankees should just go back East and save Manhattan Island, tear down those skyscrapers and save the land.

On County Parks Re-Affirms Position

Posted on March 28 at 9:13 a.m.

Very good article, answered many questions.

On The Fukushima Fallout

Posted on March 23 at 1:47 p.m.


In the eyes of the law none of your vomit emotions are relevant – none,
So give it a rest and FYI assault can be no more than a touch. Maybe you should study more of the law especially the 4th Amendment which has been almost mooted by the digital abuse of your Government.

Also do not ever visit a loved one after open-heart surgery, you will vomit; same goes for hospice of a dying loved one. Human Beings are biomechanical and bodily fluids are part of the deal, get over it.

On UCSB Administrator Issues Statement on Free Speech

Posted on March 21 at 7:15 p.m.

The horrific pictures of the holocaust that I viewed in JHS, in a Life Magazine book and in latter years in Pasadena are still with me today but I did not Assault anyone, I reflected on why human beings do this. The desciptions of the Spanish Inquisition are equally disgusting and morbid, but again I reflected on why human beings do this to each other in the name of God.

I recently watched the movie Django Unchained and one scene showed a well built African Slave paraded through the street with a hideous iron mask on, it was revolting and made me angry. First I wanted to make sure that Hollywood was not trying to drum up false anger, I took to the internet.

Yes these iron masks and other barbarious contrapions were used on human beings, I did not Assault anyone in my anger.

Intense Graphic images have long been used to get people to think and reflect about human conduct.

Human Beings have a very violent history on this planet.

Civil Rights are not limited by peoples emotional responses to others and their ideas and beliefs no matter what you personally think of them.

Civil Rights are not open to mob rule, if they were Rosa Parks would still be in the back of the bus and George Wallace would have won.

Civil Rights belong to each of us and no matter how much we disagree with other points of view, we must respect their right to have it.

On UCSB Professor Charged with Theft and Battery

Posted on March 12 at 7:20 p.m.

I would like to know where they get all the money to party. When I was in college my roommates and I did not have two nickels to rub together, styling was splitting a 99 cent bag of Doritos from Rotten Ralphies on a midnight study break.

We had to pay for our own room, board, books and tuition, no loans from the government or mommy and daddy.

On What in the world is happening to Isla Vista?

Posted on March 10 at 3:38 p.m.

Somewhere the Civility of my youth has died with the advent of the Nanny State from the North East, we just did not have all the hate you people spew.

Parallels to The Fall of the Roman Empire.

On Doing Something About Rape in Isla Vista and UCSB

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