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Posted on July 28 at 9:21 a.m.

Wow, does anyone do any research?

Western Ukraine is Western (Roman Catholic) Christian and Eastern Ukraine is Eastern (Orthodox) Christian even though they are both Slavs. The tribal differences go back centuries.

Europe gets NG (natural gas) from Russia via a pipeline through Ukraine. Russia wants a to build a new pipeline called the Southern Stream.

Russia needs the warm water port located in Crimea to do the Black Sea section and well as project influence in the area.

Germany since Fukushima has sworn off Nuclear Power, Coal is bad and NG is King but fracking is bad.

It has been said to break Russia all one has to do is drive Oil to $80.00 per barrel and Russia is on its knees.

The U.S. has been manipulating Ukraine.

EIA has stated that Eastern Ukraine may have 197 trillion cubic feet of NG in shale with 42 trillion cubic feet recoverable. Its the FRACK word again that will have to be used to recover it. Royal Dutch Petroleum (Shell) and Chevron have signed documents to go after the NG.

U.S. has been BUGGING Germany to find out if Merkel is making deals that the U.S. needs to know about.

Putin had enough and inflamed centuries old tribalism in order to secure his economic future and regional influence.

Energy and Water Diversion drive modern society for better or worse, mostly worse and this is what is going on.

We poked the Bear one too many times with our meddling and he has come out of his den, the gloves are off and we get to watch from the sidelines, as we always do, as the 1% as you like to call them play the game, Biden's son on the BOD of Ukraine NG company should tell you something.

Taylor Caldwell was a certified nut job but her book, "Captains and the Kings"

Illustrates that the 1% are non-political and we are just the Pawns, Right and Left Wing does not exist in the 1% world - Fools that is just opiate for you, so you think your opinion or mine matters - but it doesn't.

What is really happening is clear enough if you look for it.

On Germany Awake, America Asleep?

Posted on July 25 at 4:52 p.m.

Meanwhile in East Ukraine :

Burisma, Ukraine’s oil and gas production holdings, also has the right to develop the shale gas fields in the Dnieper-Donetsk basin of Eastern Ukraine. The same Burisma where R. Hunter Biden, Vice-President Joseph's son, was appointed a director two months ago.

Follow the Money, the 1% control both Political Parties.

On Germany Awake, America Asleep?

Posted on July 25 at 10:52 a.m.

Even though Germany has every right to be pissed at the USA concerning the current conduct of our Government, so should Americans.

Our ship of foreign policy that has no rudder, leaving the free world scratching its head, while Rome burns our Commander and Chief jets around hosting fundraisers instead of instilling the confidence our allies need and that we have a plan and more so are on the same Team.

All is not well in Germany and has not been for some time. Google "Deutsche Bank Suffers From Litany of Reporting Problems" and also look at the massive "Derivatives Exposure" of said bank.

Their balance sheet instead of being cleaned up has gotten worse, which could bring Germany to its economic knees very quickly. The EU is an economic mess, their eastern neighbors need a united front and their ally the USA is MIA.

On Germany Awake, America Asleep?

Posted on July 18 at 8:30 p.m.


But its takes Politicians to enable the Policies of their Masters, so just to call out the 1% is a copout, the whole system is corrupt, from the lowest Mayor to the Commander and Chief and on both sides of the aisle.

If Mayor Tourist was really doing her job, Westside Dan, would be getting some services from all those Tourism dollars. Sewer lines would not be leaking, utility rates would not be going up and rain water, if and when it happens, would be captured in recharge ponds, public infrastructure would not be getting worse.

Follow the money and those who get fat on OMP.

On S.B. Corrupt? Say It Ain’t So

Posted on July 18 at 11:15 a.m.

Santa Barbara is an Oligarchy, always has been, run by a few and if you are not one of the in-crowd you get very little.

It would be nice if it operated as a Republic but it never has.

On S.B. Corrupt? Say It Ain’t So

Posted on July 9 at 8:05 a.m.

Pay a attention to Paseo Robles. The switch from "dry farming" to vineyards has played havoc with the ground water table, wells are going dry. Vineyards may pump their own water but the ground water is interconnected.

Paseo Robles now has an emergency vineyard moratorium because of so many vineyards.

Years ago we planted alfalfa, good cash crop, but water intensive, our uphill neighbors started having problems with their residential water wells. We stopped the alfalfa because it was their water table too and just dry farmed the land.

Ground water is no free lunch, especially when the Santa Ynez River does not flow and recharge the aquifer as in the past.

On Everyone Angry at Proposed Winery Rules

Posted on July 9 at 7:46 a.m.

I got to play in two bomb shelters as a kid. The were long since abandoned for their intended purpose, but we painted them with fluorescent colors and posters, put in black lights and the best use, we could crank the music without the grumps getting their panties in a bunch.

On Bomb Shelters

Posted on July 8 at 8:38 a.m.


I think the carrying capacity for Santa Barbara was exceeded awhile ago, probably goes for the entire State of California.

All the new hotels in town should not have been built, we did not have the water or the housing for all the workers that are needed to man them. UCSB and SBCC are both over their carrying capacity limits.

The idea that you can just keep building and expanding without looking at the carrying capacity issue really points to the stupidity of those elected or desirous of being in charge.

We study the Anasazi but are unable to connect the dots to ourselves.

Catalina Island, Avalon, has 2,200 rate payers with severe DROUGHT and rationing but over 800,000 yearly tourists that come and go and don't care how much water they use. California towns like Santa Barbara that based their economics on tourism are going to be in for a hard ride as the drought continues.

On Santa Barbara's Recovery Blues

Posted on July 6 at 11:33 a.m.

Biology 101, its called "Carrying Capacity".

What is the carrying capacity of Santa Barbara, you have to look at available water, water stolen from the Santa Ynez Valley, water and sewer treatment capacity, etc etc.

It is not a social issue, it is basic Biology, after the carrying capacity is known, then you create your City around those limitations.

Violate the Laws of Nature and at some point you pay the price, another year of drought will make it crystal clear.

On Santa Barbara's Recovery Blues

Posted on July 6 at 11:21 a.m.

Ethical dog owners pickup their poop and any other poop they come across for the good of all, includes abandoned bags.

Ethical people take the time to pickup trash wherever they find it, beach, trail, street.

If everyone aspired to give a damn, think what could be accomplished.

Social Ethics are not taught in our public schools anymore, maybe they should be.

On The Ethical Dog Owner

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