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Posted on March 5 at 2:22 p.m.

The 1812 Santa Barbara Earthquake: In Brief
In 1812, Mission La Purisima, situated in the bucolic setting of Lompoc Valley, was typical of the nineteen Spanish missions that were spread throughout California. But on the morning of December 21, around 10:00 or 10:15, the quiet of that mission was upset when the earth underneath Mission La Purisima began to shake. The strong earthquake frightened the mission's residents-- padres, Indians, and soldiers--who rushed out of the mission buildings. Luckily for the mission residents, they were too scared to reenter the buildings, because the first shock turned out to be only a foreshock.

About fifteen minutes later, a stronger earthquake struck. The shaking was so intense that the mission's church bells rang out, the adobe walls of the mission buildings were shattered, were thrown out of plumb, and in some instances collapsed, reducing Mission La Purisima to "rubble and ruin, presenting the picture of a destroyed Jerusalem." Severe damage from the earthquake was also reported from Mission Santa Ines, Mission Santa Barbara, the Santa Barbara Presidio, Mission San Buenaventura (Ventura), and Mission San Fernando, covering a distance of over 100 miles.

The soldiers at the presidio in Santa Barbara were so disturbed by the earthquake that they abandoned the presidio, building thatched huts near the Santa Barbara Mission, where the shaking from the earthquakes was said to be more moderate. Strong earthquakes continued to rock the region through February of 1813. The Spanish soldiers from the presidio did not return to their former home until March, almost three months after the first earthquake.

There is also a report of a tsunami at Refugio Canyon near the northwestern end of the Santa Barbara Channel and abandonment of Chumash villages on Santa Rosa Island. Not everyone is convinced that a tsunami occurred which could have produced the effects that many people ascribe to it.

The missionaries reported that a large ground crack opened in the hill behind (south) of the mission, and that three days later the mission site was flooded over by mud that washed out from the crack.

On If This Dog’s a Rockin,’ Don’t Bother Knockin’

Posted on March 5 at 2:17 p.m.

The newly renovated Ventura Mission was evacuated in 1812. Please note the Mission is uphill and inland from the shoreline.

1812 – A Large earthquake and tidal wave force Padres and local Indians, now living and working at the mission, inland. Padre Señan, head of Mission wrote "...sea was greatly stirred up by the tremors in such a way that the waters might flood the Mission...". They built temporary “casitas” up the Ventura River towards Ojai (now called Casitas Springs).

On If This Dog’s a Rockin,’ Don’t Bother Knockin’

Posted on March 4 at 8:43 a.m.

I was passionate about the Seeds, they were local instead of the more popular imports. Great Music. Acid was problem, knew two guys that died from it, one tried to fly off the Summerland Cliffs, as a teenager, another made it to 30 and flamed out.

On Garage Band Confidential: Watch <em>The Seeds: Pushin’ Too Hard</em>

Posted on March 2 at 5:30 p.m.

RIP, prayers for your Family.

On Paraglider Killed in Sunday Accident Identified

Posted on March 2 at 5:19 p.m.

In the Future aIll we will need per household is a Big Pipe, then we can phone, fax, surf, watch programing, movies do what ever, content will be de-coupled. Satellite TV is dying, over-the-air TV is dying, you will just stream what you want and pay accordingly.

If the Silly Council was really effective they would make a deal with a Fiber Provider to provide the Pipe, then we could buy what we wanted from the Content Providers. Cable TV is dying, soon they will be Pipes and noting more.

Some really smart Cities have made deals and they offer their Residents this already, Santa Barbara is so backwards.

Verizon sold all its POTS lines in California, soon we will be paying Frontier Communications and they will bleed us, without offering any system upgrades.

Monopolies are not our friends.

On Cox Condemns FCC's Net Neutrality Vote

Posted on February 20 at 11:37 a.m.

Another road block ,

It costs about $200,000.00-$250,000.00 per year to house, feed etc, provide 24/7 monitoring for a semi-voluntary person in a private residence.

A State run institution with Public Employee Unions etc., those costs cause the Politicos to run away from the issue like wildfire. So they leave them out on the streets for the Police to deal with, cowardly Politicians.

On Elliot Rodger Report Details Long Struggle with Mental Illness

Posted on February 20 at 11:10 a.m.

I am a Court Appointed Conservator of an elderly family member.

In the State of California, it is exceedingly hard to gain custody of a person that is suffering from Mental Illness.

Just the costs of dealing with the money changers that surround this part of the law and of course they have legal council that must advocate for them and not the Safety of Society.

To be granted the Power by the Court to be able to administer psychotropic drugs to an individual is unobtainable unless the person has dementia.

Parents with mentally ill children, over 18 years of age, are helpless, in their ability of being able to intervene until the person is a risk to themselves or to others.

Look at all the mentally ill living on our streets, do you see Government intervening?

The laws that surround Mental Health severely restricts what can be done to help, unless the person is a threat to themselves or to others.

When they become a threat to others, we find out after the fact.

Elliot Rodger, David Attias and Jennifer San Marco all after the fact when information was known about how sick these people were and the Current Laws on Mental Health prevented Intervention. San Marco was even taken in on a 72 hour hold and then released by the Mental Health System.

A common misconception is these people are not smart and Law Enforcement can identify them, no they are very smart, you have to piece together their conduct over time to get a clear picture.

The State appoints an attorney that must by law Advocate for the Right of the Mentally Ill, not for the Rights of Society to live in Safety.

The Adversarial System of Law works against Societies Safety, rather than all sides trying to help the mentally ill person. Until this changes, nothing changes and these events will continue.

We will discuss the events after the fact and try and assign blame and culpability but its all division by zero.

Until the Law changes on how we deal with the mentally ill, Monday morning quarterbacking will be the norm and feel good laws will be passed that address nothing and prevent nothing.

On Elliot Rodger Report Details Long Struggle with Mental Illness

Posted on February 12 at 10:20 a.m.

I grew up in a time when Measles, Mumps, Chicken Pox and Mononucleosis were the norm and had all of them, no fun at all. I stood in line for the Polio sugar cube, my cousin had mild Polio, a limp left arm her whole life, it caused her great pain as she aged.

Life is Risk from the moment of conception. We are more slave to our genetics than we realize. Sure some children will draw the short straw but by and large modern immunization has made possible this society.

My Great Great Grandparents in the middle 1800's had 11 children, only 3 surrived to have children, immunization has improved the quality of life and survival rates but yes it is not 100%, there is no free lunch but it sure beats losing 8 children to preventable diseases.

I had a flu shot, at school, in the 1960's, barely made it home at the end of the day, spent the next week in bed, I was the only one in the school that had a negative reaction to the vaccine. I choose not to get flu shots because of that experience and have only gotten the flu once since that time.

I am against hammering newborns with immunizations, nature provides Mother's Milk for that, when my kid was born and much to the dismay of the hospital we declined most of the immunizations they offered, had to sign some forms with dirty looks. We in consultation with our Pediatrician had decide to wait a few months instead of hammering a newborn, so I am not in favor of giving government dictatorial powers over immunizations. It should be a requirement to enroll in school though.

Just look at the Meningitis outbreak a UCSB, no free lunch but we can stack the deck in our favor by requiring an up to date immunization record for school entrance.

By the time of play group my kid was up to date and continued to be up to date, for their safety and the safety of others.

On Herd Immunity or Insanity?

Posted on February 11 at 10:11 a.m.

The California Legislature passes close to 1,000 new laws each and every year, in their passion for Social Engineering, we are accidental felons each and everyday and don't even know it.

For this reason EveryOne tries to avoid the Police because we don't want to be caught by one of these obscure new laws that we don't even know about.

The root problem is the people you elect, they pass all these laws, the Police are the errand boys.

Any Society that passes so many superfluous laws that become compounded and convoluted on each other, makes the total population of all colors and ethic backgrounds fearful of interaction with the Police.

What we need is less Laws and Social Engineering. Yes we are all Americans and people are basically good, so why all the Nanny State Laws, it is telling that you elect people that really wish to control your very movement.

Meeting with the Police, the errand boys is not the answer, meeting with the Lawmakers is, the ones that have a new law for everything that ails the human condition.

I live outside the main town, less population density, but am just as fearful of interaction with the Police, because of the above, not because I am doing anything wrong.

The main town has more Police and a high population density so your chances of a Police encounter are higher, one reason I avoid the main town.

What we need is to repeal at least 50% of the ridiculous laws, stop passing new ones at an alarming rate, 90% less, and attach Sunset Provisions on every new law so their relevance can be determined in the future.

Oh and stop electing Nanny Staters, that have burdened society with an avalanche of Social Engineering Laws.

Reverend I applaud your good deeds but the Lawmakers are the ones that need to be challenged.

On It's a Matter of Trust

Posted on February 9 at 12:22 p.m.

I have a very good friend whose Father was born in the United States of America but to Japanese immigrant parents, he spent the duration of WWII in an internment camp in the South Western United States. He was only able to play with Navaho children, he spoke the Navaho language fluently as a result, so much for the Constitution, so much for the 14th Amendment.

The Constitution gets waved around all the time but politicians "urinate" on it constantly, especially in a crisis or for money and power.

The the old fart with the Ponytail calls the Mutton-Chops, ridiculous and egoistical, Classic playground banter, grow up.

Egos that live in glass houses should not throw stones.

On Sovereignty and the Legislative Platform

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