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Posted on February 21 at 5:20 a.m.

Great op-ed! Thank you!

On Armenian or Turk Claims 'Genocider'?

Posted on February 9 at 10:19 a.m.

The article is full of BS! Armenia has never been the "first Christian" nation. It is a myth! Edessa (Osroene) was the first state to adopt Christianity in 201, a century before Armenia. Besides, Armenia was not even a state when ethnic Partian king Tiridat III adopted Christianity. Armenia was Parthia's vassal province that time. So, please stop spreading this BS.
Turks could havenot possibly killed 1.5 million Armenians in 1915. The total Armenian population that time was 1.4m, out of which 700,000 survived in Syria (Boghos Nubar Pasha personally admitted this) and another 500.000 Armenians fled to the Caucasus (Richard Hovannisian writes about it). So, maximum 200,000 lost their lives, half of them from hunger and illnesses. Now, compare 100.000 to 1.5 million! What a lie!
Finally, Armenians themselves were not angels at all. They killed half a million Turkish civilians (only identified victims) plus additional 1 million of unidentified victims buried in mass graves. It was Armenians who committed genocide against Turks and then were taught a good lesson.
Apparently, the lesson is not learnt.

On Millions Were Lost in Armenian Genocide

Posted on December 12 at 3:25 p.m.

Denial of the Turkish genocide perpetrated by armed Armenian terrorists (called "revolutionaries") is just as disgusting as Holocaust denial. Armenians killed 1.19m Muslim civilians. They commmited genocide.
Shame on the legislators for trying to sell the BS argument that the relocation of the rebellious population was a "genoide". The 1915 pogrom against the Turks by armed Armenians in Van was only one of many Armenian crimes against humanity. Similar crimes were commited by Armenians in Azerbaijan as well - in Khojaly. Denial by Armenia of her own genocide in Khojaly is just as disgusting as Holocaust denial. Shame on the rotten Armenian propaganda and its payroll lobbyist in US legislature.

On Not Genocide

Posted on February 10 at 2:49 a.m.

Oh, no, it is not alright to kill 1m Armenians in 1915. Neither it is right to kill 2.5m Turks, Azeris and Muslim Kurds a year before, in 1914-15 - something that Armenians DID (and it is a well-documented fact!) and are ashamed now to admit. The bottom line: if you do not want to face genocide, do not committ it yourself! If you ignore this rule, be ready to see the response. Turks responded, and any nation, including Americans, would have done the same had they suffered from a similar genocide. Armenians were first to start the genocide against Turks. Now finally Turks are waking up, and soon the number of countries that recognize Turkish, Kurdish and Azeri genocide perpetrated by Armenians in 1914-18 in Anatolia and South Caucasus will grow!

On Freedom to Argue

Posted on February 10 at 2:44 a.m.

Dear Letter Writer,

Thank you for your honesty! There was no Armenian genocide committed in 1915, it is all made up, forgery, BS by the loswers! We all know how Armenian so-called "historians" forged the so-called Anodniyan letters that were ascribed to Talaat Pasha. Ne never wrote those telegrams, they were forged later by Armenians.

Besides, how can you call a "genocide" what in fact was a fully justified retaliation operation? Armenians committed genocide against Turks in 1914 in the occupied parts of the coutntry, they massacred 2.5 million Turks and Kurds.THIS IS A GENOCIDE! After the counter-offensive, Turkish army came and retaliated. And was right to do so! Every crime must be punished. They removed the unloyal and coward population (which was "brave" only behind the back of Russian troops) and kicked them out to Syria. And were right! Thank them!

USA must recognize Turkish Genocide perpetrated by Armenians and criminlaize its denial! There were two genocides: one was completely unprovoked and it was committed by Armenian gangs against Turkish civilians, and the second was a justified response to the first one, the response that Armenian population very well deserved because it helped the bandits. So, please stop crying like babies. Be courageous to admit your failure to cleanse Anatolia from Turkish population! Turks did to Armenians what Armenians tried but failed to accomplish.

Turks will always be grateful to Tallat Pasha and Enver Pasha for saving entire nation!

My message to the Armenians and their supporters: Do not commit genocide and you will not be genocided! You were first to committ genocide, so stop crying and learn the lesson!

On Freedom to Argue

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