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Posted on October 10 at 10:35 a.m.

I first met Marilyn when I took a nursing continuing education class. I chose Marilyn's Self-esteem class. The class was full, every seat was taken, though I got to class 30 minutes early, people were already seated and anxiously awaiting for the start of the class. Marilyn was so full of energy, and happy to see so many people attending her class. The class was so different from any class I have ever taken in my life. she engaged the class and made everyone feel welcome! She handed out magnets with positive self-esteem quotes to everyone, it was an awesome class, I loved all the loving and positive energy you felt in there, she was amazing!
I then had the pleasure of meeting her a second time, when she came to teach our cancer patients about self-esteem @ The Issels Medical Center. She told them her story and how she herself was coping with cancer in her life. She was indeed an Angel, she came to do what she needed to do here on earth and when she had given out all her wonderful gifts to others, it was her time as she stated, "Graduation Day!" Now she is on a new journey, perhaps she is soaring with the Angels and enjoying herself in her new surroundings! God Bless you Marilyn, you were a delight to know, I'm glad you were a part of my life!

On Marilyn Grosboll: 1943-2012

Posted on August 28 at 10:33 p.m.

@AZ2SB, regarding your comment about the courts giving child molesters a break, that is incorrect! Since Joyce Dudley is the DA, she will sock it to him. She is an advocate for children that are abused.

On Man Arrested for Allegedly Molesting 5-Year-Old

Posted on February 2 at 10:41 p.m.

@Henry, Bullcrap! They could have injured him, but they chose to aim in a spot to kill! They're trained to shoot to kill! You do not know what your talking about!
Sorry to burst your peaceful bubble there bro/sis, but that "shooting to injure" is just NOT a reality of a gun battle, especially w/ a handgun. It is also NOT A CHOICE.

Sorry to burst your bubble my dear, but it is a Choice! Everyone has a choice and Matt Klein made his choice with shoot to kill!!!
Those cops should never have taken him down in that fashion, who was the idiot cop that informed Alberto what was going on?
Why couldn't they have waited until he was back in the office and surround him by catching him off guard??? Yes, he made an error( I'm not condoning what he did) in judgement so did that 17 yr old very immature gal, who choose to fool around with a married man...She probably got upset with Alberto and told on him to get back at him! Now she lives with her misjudgment!

On Arrest of Officer Goes Terribly Wrong

Posted on February 1 at 5:39 p.m.

Do you remember this case?
Residents of the San Antonio Creek Road area preparing for their day this morning were interrupted with the sound of gunshots. Police officers and Sheriff’s deputies arrived at 4621 Via Gennita in response to an 8 a.m. disturbance call from Carol George, wife of 64-year-old Don George, said Deputy Sheriff Bill Caldwell. According to a report issued later today by Sheriff’s Department spokesman Erik Raney, deputies located Donald George on the back porch of his house. When they saw that he was holding a gun, they reportedly told him to drop it. According to Raney’s report, Donald George refused and deputies then fired at him, shooting him several times. The man later died in surgery at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. The man had a brain tumor, perhaps it was pressing on his logic part of his brain, who knows???

The sheriff department could have injured the man, but chose to shoot him several times, killing him of course!
This case is a little different, but they could have chose to shoot him in the knees, but again they chose shoot to kill!

On Arrest of Officer Goes Terribly Wrong

Posted on July 24 at 10:16 p.m.

I agree with Charles, I enjoyed reading how your friend, teacher and mentor and made an impact on your life! It reminds me of the movie "Pay It Forward!" Loved it..

On Gordon Morez: 1923-2011

Posted on November 24 at 6:33 a.m.

My friend and I went for breakfast on Sunday 11/22/09, there were only 3 parties in the restaurant. I ordered The Americana which comes with 2 eggs any style, sausage or bacon, potatoes, toast and juice and coffee.
I requested 2 soft boiled eggs...I got 2 hard-boiled eggs, sent them back then they brought me 2 more hard boiled eggs, the toast was hard and cold..The potatoes were skimpy and cold..I never received the juice.
The service was horrible as well, however one of the waiters was very friendly but not attentive.
They just don't have it together there! The best thing they did I wasn't charged for the meal!
I would not return nor recommend this place to anyone!

On Finch & Fork

Posted on January 28 at 7:26 p.m.

There is a high incident of people getting brain tumors from using Bluetooth or cellphone headsets. If you don't believe me check out Use the alternative dashboard devices for your cellphone, this is a lot saver, but hey if you still don't believe me by all means continue wearing those headsets...I hope this person wasn't hurt badly or her passenger!

On Woman Answers Cell Phone, Drives off Highway 154

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